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The Pinnacle of RPGs

I know it seems that everyone and their grandmas are giving this game a lot of credit, calling it the best RPG, or the best Final Fantasy. Some have no real basis for this, while others, like me, found this game to be incredible.

The story of FFVII was mind-blowing. With all the twists and turns, gamers were kept on their toes. As Cloud journeyed after Sephiroth, you learned more about his past, Sephiroth's past, and the mysteries surrounding Shinra and Jenova.

The game features a wonderful cast of characters, from the quiet, rather moody Cloud, to the energetic and (quite frankly) annoying Yuffie. They all have their stories to tell, and that's what makes them seem so relate able. What drove each character to be where they're at? Why do they act the way they do? What has happened to them in the past? All these questions get answered, which, as the story progresses, helps to shed light on what is really going on, and what has really happened.

FFVII wasn't a graphical masterpiece, however, at the time of it's release, it was the pinnacle of RPGs and the Final Fantasy series altogether. Bringing the much loved franchise to the world of 3D made for a more enjoyable experience, and while it lacked in details, it was much easier to make out just what the characters actually looked like. And certainly the CGI was well done (although nowadays standards make FFVII's CGI pale in comparison).

The game truly is a masterpiece. It has it's flaws, but as far as I'm concerned there is no perfect video game. Just those that can come close, such as this one. It shall forever be my favorite video game, and while I don't approve of the various spin-offs, I can see the justification in it.


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