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Final Fantasy X-2 was surprisingly good. 1

I was not a big fan of Final Fantasy X's storyline, so I really didn't care for this universe. I've always had low expectations for this game, from everything I've read to everything I've seen, I just had no interest in this game. I must say though, Final Fantasy X-2 turned out alot better than those expectations. I really loved the battle system, I loved the job classes and learning new skills. The game was fairly easy and not very long, this is good because of the multiple endings and New Game...

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Good mechanics, too much fan service 0

Final Fantasy X was my favorite of the series. In particular I loved Yuna - the summoner who faces difficult choices with a grave dignity, no matter what she is asked to sacrifice. Unfortunately, in X-2 she has apparently decided to get rid of her previous personality entirely, in favor of some unholy combo of Rikku (who is super annoying here... and I didn't mind her in X) and a Spice Girl. I'm not arguing with the concept of character development - of course Yuna would have changed after ...

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X-2 Dares to be different and loves every minute of it 0

I really like FFX-2. This is not an objective judgment of the various components; this is my appreciation as a JRPG enthusiast of a JRPG that openly flips the bird to convention and expectation. The story itself is ultimately an unnecessary inflation of what was already a fairly long winded main game. The greatness of X-2 is more in the idea behind it: take X, a heavy handed exploration of religion, free will, and destiny, and turn it into a girl-power funhouse.The opening is really fantastic. X...

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Charlie's Angels+Final Fantasy X = Final Fantasy X-2. 0

Final Fantasy X-2 is Squaresoft’s first attempt at making a full blown sequel to an installment in the long running Final Fantasy series, and can be summed up on one simple equation: Final Fantasy X + Charlie’s Angels = Final Fantasy X-2. In Final Fantasy X-2 you play as Yuna, Final Fantasy X’s summoner extraordinaire. The story picks up two years after the end of Final Fantasy X and the defeat of Sin. With the Calm now settled over Spira, the people have become obsessed with unlocking the secre...

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FFX-2 has enough charm to be worth of the series' moniker. 0

A lot of people were surprised when the first Final Fantasy sequel was announced, though it shouldn’t have been a big shock. Final Fantasy X was one of the most beautiful games created for the PS2 and had a rabid following among the legions of Final Fantasy fans. Adding onto that loyalty, the somewhat bittersweet ending of FFX left many without the proper closure they needed to move on. So the folks at Square-Enix threw a bone to their fans by releasing Final Fantasy X-2. Our story picks up a f...

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Familiar Faces and Familiar Places, but still Fun to Play 0

In 2001, Final Fantasy X came out and blew the world away. The first entry in the acclaimed series by Square on the PS2, it featured voice acting for the first time in the franchise, a brand-new battle engine, incredible graphics, and a surprisingly mature storyline about futility, sacrifice, and death, but also, and most importantly, hope. Fans of Final Fantasy theorized that because it was the tenth game, it would be the last game in the series, but the franchise continued to defy its...

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A Very Confusing Game 0

Actually what I should be saying is that I am confused whether I should be giving this game a 5 star mark, or a 2 star mark.  On the one hand, this game is definitely a Final Fantasy game from the Final Fantasy V gameplay style branch.  On the other hand, you have a ridiculous "girl power" plot and the most confusing series of events this side of Final Fantasy VIII.  For those of you who don't know, Final Fantasy X-2 is the first direct sequel to any Final Fantasy game.  It continues the story o...

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Don't know what to say. 1

This is the first "true sequel" to a Final Fantasy game, it's just too bad it had to be part of Final Fantasy X.Gameplay: The Gameplay goes back to the Active Time Based combat from IV to IX. So that is a some what of a plus to the game, but after using Final Fantasy X's battle system I did not want to go back. Also I don't really like the Charlie's Angels themed setting.Graphics: They are a little bit improved from Final Fantasy X, but in some places it actually looks worst. The majority of the...

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Sparkly yet satisfying 0

*This review contains spoilers for Final Fantasy X*The first prerendered cinematic in Final Fantasy X shocked gamers with a fast-paced game of what looked like handball, played entirely inside a sphere of water by players who could breathe underwater. More shocking still was the heavy metal soundtrack behind the movie. Beyond that opening scene, however, Final Fantasy X delved into matters of tradition, sacrifice, religion, love, and family with surprising grace. Plus it had one of the most sati...

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Total letdown. 1

I was in love with Final Fantasy X when I played it, and it still resides high up in my list of top 10 games I've ever played. I was looking forward to Final Fantasy X-2 eagerly, even though it looked to be nothing more than a cash-in on Final Fantasy fans. Lucky for me, my friend got this for his birthday and I got to sink a couple of hours into it before I spent the money on the game. The graphics are great. They're really colorful, high quality, and they stand out. That being said, they haven...

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Unusual fun gameplay 0

Well this is a sequal to the famous FFX. Two years after spira was attacked by sin. Now yuna grown up and with two friends, Rikku and Paine join her in saving spira all over again. You will meet your old friends through out the game.Gameplay- The most changed part to the game, only 3 members are in the game and thats it. Also another change is the story, not like other FF games it is linear but this game attempts to go non linear. You can choose to continue the story or either do sidequests. Sou...

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Final Fantasy X-2 Review 0

In Final Fantasy X-2, Square-Enix attempts to continue the amazing plot that its predecessor, Final Fantasy X, had. It is now two years after the events of Final Fantasy X, and you now play as Yuna, who is accompanied by good friend Rikku, and new friend Paine. They, along with the Celsius' (their airship) personnel, form the motley crew known as "The Gullwings". The Gullwings are full-time Sphere Hunters. These spheres play an integral part throughout the game. They provide vital information i...

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