How far am I? (Possible spoilers)

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In contrast to what seems to be the majority opinion, I started to lose interest in this game after I reached Pulse. I didn't mind the linearity of the first 20 hours because it kept the story moving. Once you start exploring Pulse, however, the story starts to stagnate and it just becomes mindless battle after mindless battle.

Needless to say I want the story to be brought back into focus so I can finish the game. I've reached the 30 hour mark and just climbed to the top of the tower that somewhat resembles the leaning tower of pisa. I'm assuming I'm about to encounter a boss fight. Have I reached the end of the open world grind-fest?

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5-8 hours or so? It's too bad you don't like pulse. I hated the main plot but all of the side quests were really enjoyable for me.

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I'm guessing you're talking about the Taejin's Tower? (I'm the saddo who has the collectors guide thing) You're close to the end of Chapter 11. Unless you characters are under leveled I'd say between 6-8 hours. I found Pulse quite fun just to run around and grind a little. The battle system in XIII is my favorite thing in the game.

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I recently reached Pulse and lost interest in the game, haha. Talk about a change of pace, going from strict linearity to ridiculous open-world gameplay. I for one liked the linear style of the game, so it kinda turned me off.

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Yeah, Taejin's Tower. I was too lazy to look up the name. The battles inside of the tower didn't give me too much trouble so I don't think I'm under leveled. I found it fun for a little while since it was a nice change of setting from the hectic nature of Cocoon, but eventually I got bored of running around. The battle system has been one of my favorite aspects of the game as well, but grinding for the sake of grinding instead for moving the story forward doesn't do it for me.

Anyway, thanks for the quick responses!

Edit: @RaikohBlade: Glad to see someone else agree! The linearity got way too much hate.

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