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Displaced during the Age of Reason by the mass deforestation of the Trow, the woodland fir'Bolg first came into contact with Humans as they fled west in search of a new home, a quest which led them to an area known as the Downs. It is unknown specifically how their conflict started, but the Humans of the Downs were uneasy with the proximity of their new neighbors, and before long a bloody war between the Cath Bruig and fir'Bolg erupted, one which eventually forced the fir'Bolg to flee further west across the Cloudspine mountains and into the Ermine. Finding isolation from both the Trow and humanity, the Ermine forest has been the domain of the fir'Bolg ever since, and they seldom leave it's confines.

The fir'Bolg are most well-known for their skill with the bow, an art which they are responsible for both developing and perfecting. In terms of appearance, there is almost nothing to differentiate a fir'Bolg from a Human save for the former's preference for long facial hair. Despite being identical to Humans in almost all physical respects, it is not possible for fir'Bolg to interbreed with Humans.

The Great War

The rise of Balor during the Sword Age marks one of the few times in history that the fir'Bolg have deemed it prudent to leave the seclusion of their forest home. Foreseeing a bleak future for their race should Balor win, the fir'Bolg set aside decades of resentment in order to offer aid to their erstwhile enemies, the Humans. Though the cost to Humans, Dwarves, and fir'Bolg alike were grave during the protracted conflict, which came to be known as the Great War, their coalition eventually succeeded in defeating Balor's army. The archers of the fir'Bolg were invaluable to The Legion throughout the course of the war, and among other things they were responsible for the defeat of The Watcher, who was immobilized by fir'Bolg arrows tipped with fragments of bone from his own severed arm.

In the wake of The Great War, the fir'Bolg returned to the Ermine, vowing never again to leave the perimeters of their forest. Their relationship with humanity took a more amicable turn in light of their recent partnership, however, as the fir'Bolg offered to train them in the art of the bow so they might better defend themselves should the need arise. One out of every twenty Legion soldiers is extended the honor of being instructed at one of the three fir'Bolg war colleges: ai'Kijin-Tak, jo'Za-Thatal, and wa'Ama-Tchal. Bowmen who have spent time with the fir'Bolg often take to wearing long mustaches as a sign of respect for their masters.

Role in the Series

Archers in the Myth series are a general-purpose ranged unit with longer reach though less damage potential than other ranged units. From afar they are able to harass melee units effectively, and are also particularly important in dealing with deadly units hampered with inferior range such as Fetch, Wights, and Dwarves. They require constant protection in order to survive, however, as any quick melee units that can penetrate their defenses will make short work of them due to low health and poor melee options. Though only the Archers of Myth: The Fallen Lords are actual fir'Bolg, the Bowmen of Myth II are in fact Humans trained by them, and save for the addition of flaming arrows they are functionally identical.

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