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I liked the changes! 0

Fire Emblem is a turn-based strategy RPG series from Intelligent Systems that predates the Shining Force, Ogre Battle, and Tactics games by several years. It’s the twin brother of the Famicom Wars series – made famous by its GBA incarnation Advance Wars. And like Advance Wars, Fire Emblem’s worldwide debut came on the Gameboy Advance – after more than 6 iterations on earlier Nintendo consoles. The Sacred Stones is the third game in the series made for the GBA, but only the second one ...

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Not many changes from the past, but the ones made aren't good. 0

If you're new to the series of Fire Emblem, let me educate you before you read any further. This series started off in Japan as a strategy RPG, with the first installment following Marth on his quest to destroy the Dark Dragon Medeus. Since this game was succesful, Nintendo made a sequel. Sort of. Fire Emblem Gaiden was more RPG-y. After an SNES remake, the series got it's LTTP in Seisen no Keifu. Due to this one's success, a harder sequel was made. Then Roy, most famous for his Super Smash Bros...

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FE 8 0

 One of my favorite games of all time and the best strategy game available on the GBA or DS. The addition of branching promotion options adds a lot of variety and the streamlined roster of characters (compared to 6 and 7) makes for far fewer throwaway characters. The story is excellent and concise compared to 4 and 7, which spend way too much time dwelling on needless background information. While many criticize this entry as easy compared to prior Fire Emblems, the selectable difficulty and ava...

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Sacred Stones is a very good turn-based strategy RPG. 0

This was my first Fire Emblem experience, and I really didn't know anything about this game before I bought it, other than it was an RPG and I needed a game for my brand new GBA (first title I bought too) so I was pleasantly surprised how it turned out. ----------Battle System---------- Fire Emblem: Sacred Stones is a turn-based strategy rpg. At the start of a chapter you get to pick and choose your party before going into battle. Some characters are pre-selected for you as they're part of th...

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FE:SS is great! 0

Fire Embem: The Sacred Stones is off the chain. You could easily and happily spend 100 hours playing this. It is polished in graphical and menu design. Combat is rewarding because it's challenging. The new Tower of Valni is a nice addition because it allows you to level your characters away from the campaign or arena. The ability to promote characters into one of two different classes also encourages replay.If you played any Advance Wars games prior to finding Fire Emblem you may enjoy the diffe...

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