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Firebat concept model from SC1

Firebats are heavily armored infantry in the Terran military armed with dual arm-mounted flamethrowers. Like the Marines, Firebats are conscripted from former criminals that have undergone "neural resocialization" and have aggression dampeners implanted. Firebats are typically psychotic pyromaniacs though volunteers are not unheard of.

Starcraft Brood War

RoleSpecialized anti-infantry trooper
ArmamentPerdition flamethrower
ProtectionCMC-660 Combat Suit
Resources50 minerals, 50 gas
Supply1 unit
Transport slots1
Build time24 sec
Hit points50
Armor1 (add 1 per Infantry Armor upgrade)
Attack (ground)8 (x2 attacks) (concussive) (add 1 per Infantry Weapons upgrade)
Cool down22 (11 with StimPacks)
Attack range2
Sight range7
Movement speedNormal
Built atBarracks
Build dialogue"Need a light?"

Firebats are niche units in Starcraft and Starcraft: Brood War. Their sole purpose is to kill Zerglings and they are very good at doing so. They deal line splash damage as well as radial splash damage on the ends of their flames. In the early game, Terrans can may choose to supplement their Marine, Medics with some Firebats. They are decent against Protoss Zealots. Like the Marine, the Firebat benefits from Stim Packs and with Medic support, they are almost nigh invincible against Zerglings.

As the game progresses however, the Firebat's usefulness wanes. The Firebat is the only Terran unit that is unaffected by the Defiler's Dark Swarm ability, however Siege Tank splash damage is often enough to kill units under the Swarm. Occasionally, a Firebat is used as a harassing unit as they are very effective against workers. However the Vulture is not only faster but does the job more efficiently and compliments the Siege Tank well.

Starcraft II (Campaign Only)

SC2 Firebat profile

Initially, the Firebat was to be a multiplayer unit. It was much bigger and produced from the Terran Factory. This was changed back to being produced from the Barracks. The Firebat was eventually scrapped with its roles taken over by the Reaper and Hellion units. Its suit was used as the basis for the Marauder. The Firebat can still be played in the Starcraft II: Wings of Liberty campaign.

RoleSpecialized anti-infantry trooper
Resources100 minerals, 25 gas
Supply2 units
Transport slots2
Build time30 sec
Hit points100
Armor (armored)1
Attack (ground)8 (12 vs light) (x2 attacks)
Cool down1.4 sec
Attack range2
Built atBarracks
RequiresTech Lab

In comparison to similar units, the Firebat is shorter ranged and slower than the Hellion but is more heavily armored. They can be upgraded with improved armor plating and wide nozzles for more splash damage.

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