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Mizar takes pride in his elite army of flying drone squads, however his AI soon gets so advanced that some of them gain a personality and with it the belief that they are on the wrong side. Floyd who was witness to the horrors of Mizar's space pirates is captured for his disloyalty and taken apart as punishment. When he is rescued by the Gemini squad he joins forces with them and in the end becomes the tragic hero that saves the lives of many. Floyd is equipped with a standard self powered lasergun and a life scanner.

In the game Floyd serves three purposes after he is rescued. The first being that he can detect if there are any enemies still alive in an area. Floyd also has his own missions where a player assumes direct control of him and has to fly him through a maze while collecting items. Floyd's other function was that a second player could controll floyd's laser guns and assist player one in the gun fights, AKA Girlfriend CoOp.

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