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The Flying Battleship is a stage from Gunstar Heroes. The ship is commanded by a gruff, muscled man known as Orange who possesses a mystical gem and also serves as the stage's boss.
The stage starts as the Flying Battleship is taking off. Players must scale a tower by jumping from platform to platform as the screen scrolls upwards to catch up with the ship. As soon as they make it onto the battleship soldiers with jet packs will swarm the screen dropping bombs and firing lasers. 
Swapping Reg
The perspective of the ship will change as it reaches the open sky, shifting from the front to side as players run across the main deck. An odd machine called the Swapping Reg appears as a mini-boss before players fight Smash Daisaku on a moving helicopter. The end of that fight immediately leads into the fight against Orange which also takes place on the helicopter.

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