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Fortuna appears many times through the Star Fox series. In Star Fox 64, it's a barren ice planet home to a Cornerian base that has been taken over by the forces of Andross. The stage takes place in full range mode (free flight) as enemy fighters pour out of the base and engage the player. Eventually, it's made clear that there's a bomb planted in the base and must be defused. Unfortunately, the Star Wolf Team appear and must be defeated in order to complete the mission. If the player is able to shoot down all four members of the Star Wolf Team before time is up, they'll save the base and head to Solar. Failure to do so will lead to Sector X.
Planetary data from the Star Fox 64 official Nintendo player's guide.

  • Radius: 3,277 skm
  • Albedo: 0.55
  • Gravity: 0.367
  • Esc Velocity: 4.99 skm/s
  • Equilibrium K: 220
  • Atmosphere: N267 O223
  • Hydrographics: 53%
  • Biomass: 270 Quads
  • Class: I

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