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Hey guys,

Is there a way to craft an HTTPS URL for GB images returned from the API? I noticed if I try this:


It actually has a bad certificate; i.e. Akamai is serving the image but the cert is for GB, so browsers deny it unless you add an exception.

This is sort of a big deal if you intend to serve your site over SSL.

Any ideas?

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We aren't planning to serve content thru SSL currently (that may change in the future). How are you getting to the static https call?

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I was just hoping changing the protocol would work.

This essentially precludes the ability for my site to work under SSL, since I can't link to Giantbomb images since browsers won't display them. That leaves me two choices: implement a workaround to not have to use SSL or to cache all the images locally (ugh).

On my end I think I can workaround having to use SSL for the game pages but it would be nice not to have to. It's been 6 months, have you guys re-considered?