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Here's the explanation. No, I didn't just find some huge bundle with all the games in one, I actually had every GTA since the original on Playstation since their original release, I've sadly just never beaten even one. It may have to do with me not caring for it back in the day when GTA3 came out. That's been different for year now though, but I still never got through a full campaign of one of them. And it sucks! Luckily I've beaten it's counterpart Red Dead Redemption, which is amazing and probably my game of the year. Anyways, what should I go through after it?
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Five votes... That's what I thought. By putting this in the API Developers forum instead of a more appropriate forum, you ensured that few people will read it. Some people may even be hiding all topics from this board. I recommend contacting a moderator about moving this thread to a more appropriate forum.

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GTA III IMO is still the best out of the PS2 generation. Vice City is just too damn pink. Great music though.
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That's weird, I didn't put it here. Plus, there's somehow two of these forums posted. What the hell....
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if you're looking for the same emotional impact storywise, there is no other (why i love 4 the most). But i'd definitely recommend gta:sa simply from the scope of the world.