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Game of the year 2011?

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How about an arena-brawler game with Lincoln taking on other presidents, in vein of the DBZ games? I would play that game.

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Dude, what?

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Lincoln Force could be the next Fighting Force game?
You could be Abe and you have to go around fighting Democrats and Communists! 

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when is it coming out? :P

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Anyone seen that challenger advert with george washington? 

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Licoln Force: Hot Pursuit

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this thread is a combination of some of the most awesome, yet disturbing pictures of abe lincoln
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OMG quest completed!!!!

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Boothe will rise again?

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some great stuff in this thread

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I hear that Bobby Kotick is putting up $775,000,000 of his own money for Lincoln Force.

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@Theavsfan said:
" I hear that Bobby Kotick is putting up $775,000,000 of his own money for Lincoln Force. "
No you misheard, it's $775 BILLION dollars. 
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What happened to Lincolnforce.com? It doesn't exist anymore?  :(

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lolz 500

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Lincoln Force is soon to be in development via Little Big Planet 2 
you've been warned.

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@TurboMan:  any progress?
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Figured I'd throw this into this topic since it seems to be the main one.

This is a pic of my first Lincoln Force game on WarioWare DIY -_-;;
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@Fobwashed: Did you draw all that yourself?
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@LordAndrew:  yup. It's a DIY game after all -_-;; Basically, you run from the left to the right sending out booth's brain to kill the things attacking you. Namely, the ratshark, ufo and the tv screen =D It's prolly the DIY game I'm most proud of visually. I think my other one is funner to play though.
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 I Hope this isn't a double post but even if, this is just way to good a picture to pass up for Lincoln Force fan art. I just found this today and its not my work.
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I hope the pre-order comes with an exclusive gamestop twin vampire zombie blaster. And maybe bestbuy could carry the raptor cross cannon.

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@Cheapoz: AWESOME
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@jeremyh: Hahaha that's pretty cool
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@Fobwashed: That is pretty awesome!
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I wore my Lincoln Force t shirt to Download Festival this weekend.

I found no Bombers :(

E: Though I did see some guy wearing a t-shirt that I could've sworn said Game Bomb... but that's just not possible, right?

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@jeremyh said:

Great job Jeremyh, seriously though this is amazing.

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@GunslingerPanda: it said gay thong 
easy mistake to make
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Via Batman Brave and the Bold. This can happen after his inevitable betrayal and acquisition of a cyborg body.

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so I am learning flash game design and thought doing a plat former might be a good idea and thought Lincoln Force might be worth a crack so here is a sprite of Abe

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God, I hope a game gets made this year!

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I still have and wear the Lincoln Force T-Shirt...

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I still have and wear the Lincoln Force T-Shirt...

Mine sits in the closet on a hanger covered in plastic. I just can't wear it, in fear that it will get ripped or damaged.

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Which bombcast is this from?