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The wait is over; the third Animated Excerpt is here! Another discussion topic for everyone to think about.
(I hope some GB fans remember the song I used at the end.)

Sorry it took a while. Things got busy at work. Hope you all enjoy this!
After a few comments here I'll upload and post a grip of images from the video that I have to share. You'll love them!
Also, here are the first and second video threads, and the playlist on YouTube.
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I wonder how much lady milk they sold?

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Jeff dressed as Chie awakened something in me. I need to... sort some things out.

Anyway, good job as always.

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Nights by the ocean

A westerly motion

That moves California to sea

Eyes like a seagull

No Kansas palm beetle

Could ever come close to that free

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hilarious as always.

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These make me so happy. So so so happy. Another great one man!

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Alright! dipping back into the well, but June 2011 Bombcast? that's pretty random.

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@EuanDewar: I am genuinely confused with this post. 
@ThePickle: I'll release the images themselves soon. You know... to help you with the sorting. 
@Zacagawea: NEVER
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Well done as always. 

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Awesome work! These are always great.

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The quality continues! I loved the Persona 4 reference.

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I looked away for a little bit then looked back and there was cartoon Yosuke-Brad. I had to rub my eyes for while.

Good work as always, sir.

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Awesome work, per usual.

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Triple H is the measuring stick for Hair Tech.

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The shit steak reminds me of the dog ass dumplings, which I feel is the next logical step for another animated Bombcast.

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@BaconGames said:

The shit steak reminds me of the dog ass dumplings, which I feel is the next logical step.

Of which Jeff also said he would eat.... I notice a trend here....

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It took me a second viewing to notice the foreshadowing part. I love the little bits and details you add to your videos which make your videos fun to rewatch multiple times.

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Awesome. That's right it's so good I'm black and I used the word awesome.

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Besides that awful music at the end this is another great Job. Love these keep em comin.

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@BRYN: Aaaaaaaaand on the front page of the site. (Also on the Bombcast page)

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I love these!!! <3 Keep at it man!

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Good work as always. Though, the Persona part made me think I was hallucinating for a second.

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1-great work, as always. Also, nice P4 reference

2-Did you already make one for the legendary teleporting cat vs psychic dog episode?

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Isnt synthesized human waste how food worked in the star trek universe? If so, sign me up for shit burgers if that means we are that much closer to replication tech.

Great job on the animation!

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Your editing/animations skills are exemplary.

And Jeff as Chie... damn.

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@BRYN: Excellent as always, I remember Vinny playing that song during a TNT but what's the song title?

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magnificent. Got my usrda of laughter thanks to you

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Great video!

But I still don't understand why anyone would ever want to eat a steak made out of excrement. I mean, isn't the whole point that it's made out of the stuff that the body couldn't digest? The extra garbage that has to be expelled from the body. Why would you want to eat that?!

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Truly amazing. I died when Brad became Yosuke.

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Is the ending new? That was nice.

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@BRYN: I needed to pause it at the "I'm just a weirdo who wants to try some human breast milk" part, the picture and the effect was incredible. You're fucking great at these, can't wait for your next one.

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Oh man, that E3 party song.... so catchy.

Great work! The P4 edits were hilarious.

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@BaconGames said:

The shit steak reminds me of the dog ass dumplings, which I feel is the next logical step for another animated Bombcast.

I was thinking the same thing. That conversation kills me every time.

Awesome as ever Bryn. Keep up the great work!

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Good job!

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Brilliant! Eagerly awaiting the next one! :)

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Awesome ending.

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Completely lost it at Brad becoming Yosuke. Great, great work.

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Fantastic. Loved the Persona bombers.

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Great work man! These are filling a big hole in my heart since Lemon's no longer doing the Bombcast Bombinations.

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Phenomenal as always man. You killed it with the P4 stuff. And also perfect choice of audio clip to highlight.

Already can't wait for #4! :D

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Loved it all, great job on this. Also, the "Foreshadowing" picture with Vinny was a great touch.

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I came to see Jeff with Chie hair, but stayed for the rest. Once again, fantastic job!

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Here is a link to the the Song at the end of the video : http://www.audionetwork.com/production-music/party-hard_45027.aspx

Although I gatta give cred to this neo gaf thread: http://www.neogaf.com/forum/showthread.php?t=477624

Also here are the lyrics to help other people who want to find the song better if they are searching through Google:

I don't want to slow down.

I don't know what I want now

getting down to the old school just to kill with the new cool.

Once the working day is done it's our time to have some fun.

Party Party Part Hard

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I would buy a book called "Everybody Shits, by Jeff Gurstmann" xD

Great job, as always ! I find these very well made and really fun to watch. You add a little something that makes it even funnier. Keep it up :'D

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......Goddamn that song, I remember it!

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Triple H-Desu-Chan

@laserbolts: Awful in a Vinny sort of way. Right?
@Marino: Thanks as always!  
@pyrodactyl: No, but I've made three other ones. I'll keep that clip in mind though. Thanks!
@TheVeteran13: It was also during the E3 2012 Day 2 video. It's called Party Hard.
@MooseyMcMan: Think of it more as unharnessed fuel then things the body couldn't digest.
@SamDrugbringer: Yeah, I kind of want a different ending clip for each video (if possible). Thanks for noticing!
@Butano @Arker101 @Bane122

@FormulaDeuce: Those were awesome. Here's hoping for Lemon in 2013!
More replies later as it's hard to reply between pages.

Thanks everyone!

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...or maybe just a few more 

@JonZero: Thanks for beating me to the answers. 
Everybody Shits!
@the_OFFICIAL_jAPanese_teaBAG: I could not get it out of my head when I first heard it.
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We need to petition Vinny to dye his hair to look like that!