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Yo list engineers. Scope this out:

  1. I have an ordered list from before that big ol' switcheroo regardin' how lists are done 'round these parts. It has 125 items, so I need to lose at least 25 if I want to keep it as an ordered list.
  2. Since I do want to keep it as an ordered list, I make a second list for the excess and copy/paste around 40 items over. So far, so good.
  3. I now want to delete the items from the old list that I just transferred to the new list.
  4. I try to save. "Ordered lists can not have more than 100 items". With a few more deletions, I now have 74 on the first page and 25 on the second, which is very much in the realm of "no more than 100 items" if my grade school math hasn't failed me again. The list still refuses to save. I assume because it still claims to have "125 results".
  5. I then go to the second page (losing all progress made with the first) so I can delete items 101-125.
  6. "Your list is empty!". Nuh-uh.
  7. I add a single item, so that it's no longer "empty".
  8. "Ordered lists can not have more than 100 items".
  9. The police knock down the door the next day after the neighbors report a loud noise. They discover a recently fired shotgun and a pile of viscera sitting on top of an office chair, with several violently torn-out clumps of hair nearby. The cops are perturbed and baffled for a time by the grisly scene, but eventually rule out any sort of foul play. The incident is soon forgotten and people continue to go about their daily lives.

Apologies if you've seen this whole thing a thousand times before. I know you've had a few problems with these lists since changing the system.

In lieu of a bug fix, if one of you could just use your engineer magic to remove the last 25 items from this list without converting it to unordered so I could actually edit the rest I'd be super grateful. Like "bake a cake and write 'Thanks CBSi Engineering Team!' on it and then probably eat it myself" grateful.

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Man, apparently there's a thin line between "lighthearted goofery" and "passive-aggressive rant" that I was unable to see at time of writing. I wonder if there's a Poe's Law variant I can invoke here.

Sorry guys. This was just meant to be a heads up that anyone wanting to edit a 100+ ordered list is currently unable to do so. The cake's not bad, but I think I used too much vanilla extract.

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@mento: Hmm, yeah, I'm having the same issues. I can file a bug for @ltsquigs to look into it, but it might take some time to resolve, unfortunately.