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I am not MattBodega (However much I may want to be). Check the screenshot.

#2 Posted by MariachiMacabre (7097 posts) -

Oh, Bodega. Up to you're old tricks again, I see. You rascal.

#3 Posted by FunkasaurasRex (855 posts) -

There can only be one.

#4 Edited by TooWalrus (13302 posts) -

Oh. Bummer.

#5 Posted by eccentrix (1736 posts) -

I remember that, he was getting a lot of replies.

#6 Posted by rchen (183 posts) -

Will investigate. Thanks for reporting!

#7 Posted by MarkWahlberg (4708 posts) -

Goddammit Bodega...

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You should charge him by the reply.

#9 Posted by mrpibb (477 posts) -

awesome. we'll try to get it fixed by wednesday.

#10 Posted by Brodehouse (10431 posts) -

That sounds like a nightmare, people named Matt are the worst!

#11 Posted by yoshimitz707 (2530 posts) -

@mrpibb: Could you fix it for everyone but @matt? That would be way funnier.

#12 Posted by LordXavierBritish (6652 posts) -

Even in death Bodega still influences the mortal plane.