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So if you tap, let's say Forums, at the top of the page on an iPad the menu opens ok, but then if you click a link it clicks wherever is BEHIND that item. You can hold your finger on whatever you want in the menu and choose "open in new tab", but not click it directly. I'm using an iPad 3 running Safari.

EDIT: Forgive the double post. I have no idea what I'm doing.

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Yeah, the navigation menus are terrible on iPad. It's almost a game in itself trying to get around the site by opening new tabs.

I'm on latest version of iOS on iPad mini if that's any help.

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It's impossible to open a notification on my iPad, clicking the top notification will open the store page every time without fail. You've got to tap-and-hold the notification button and go to the main notification page. It's not the end of the world, but it's too bad because for the most part, the site is pretty slick on the ipad. Also, not being able to quote sucks hard. What's the reason for that limitation, I wonder.

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We've got a big merge with some of the gamespot code. One of our engineers fixed this exact problem on gamespot so hoping after that he can work the same magic here on GB. cc: @jslack

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Ya. The current state of the nav sucks on iPad. Hoping to have it rolled out shortly.

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Hey @alexisg was curious if there was any word on when this merge will take place?

I saw Jeff mentioned on his blog something sizeable was going to happen code-wise soon and wondered if that would include the fixes you're talking about here?

We should get that new video player pushed out next week, and that comes with a larger code merge that’ll make it easier for engineers to actually add new features to the site.

(Italics mine)

Obviously I'm hoping it will, and it's gonna make iPad experience a lot better, as it's really pretty difficult to interact with the site between this bug and another that breaks opening the onscreen keyboard by tapping the reply textarea on threads.

I loves me some iPad and i loves me some Giantbomb, so I'm hoping one day they'll be making sweet loving together and not a bit awkward and fighty like they are now :-)

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@frobitz: There were a few issues with the code merge on Comic Vine, so I think the merge for GB has been pushed back a bit. It's still totally possible that it will happen this week though.

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