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I am having a bit of trouble adding the RSS feed for premium podcasts to my player (Beyondpod). It has username/pasword capability, but since I use twitter to log in to Giantbomb I have no idea what to write.

Has anyone solved that issue?

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@kholto: I can get you a password reset sent to you so that you can set a password to the site if you'd like. Not sure if there's another solution to that.

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@rorie: That would work, thanks.

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Can any one confirm whether or not this worked? I would love to get the premium pod casts but currently can't because my information is set to use twitter and not a unique Giant Bomb account.


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Just for anyone stumbling across this post from google in the future, just send an email to support and tell them you used twitter and they will send you an email that will allow you to set up a normal account and you will be able to subscribe to premium podcasts!