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I frequently remove myself from PM's with that pesky remove yourself button. This seems like a huge problem on phones. The "remove yourself from conversation" button takes up a good width of the page and just always appear in the way. It would be great if there was a toggle or something that prevents you being completely removed from PM conversations.

On a side note, a button to go the end of PM's, as there are on the forums, would be great.

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@sexytoad said:

On a side note, a button to go the end of PM's, as there are on the forums, would be great.

Well there is one to go to the last 'page' number of a PM once you're in the PM itself but it would nice if when you went into the PM it just auto went to the last page so you didn't have to hit another button to see what the newest thing said was.

And if we're talking about other features/bugs of PM's, it would be nice if you were able to quote someone in a PM like you can in the forums and not have to use that God awful (sorry Top Men) Quote button that always seems to screw with the formatting for me and is a real headache to align everything back to normal.

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I'm not really sure what you mean by "easy". I get many group PM's every day and I have never once accidentally removed myself from one, or even come close to it. This sort of seems like a non-issue to me.

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@mb: Have you been in group PM's on a phone? That's the main issue here. On a computer, it's easy to not click it. But as you're scrolling on a phone your finger just grazes it everytime.

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@mb: I do know folks have removed themselves by accident on multiple occasions on their phones by accidentally trying to scroll and hitting the remove button. On the site, I know personally I have accidentally removed myself from a group PM once. I think it's just being kinda clumsy? EDIT: Damn, toad was a little faster on the draw than I was!

I remember asking about a function to re-invite people to a group PM but I'm not sure what happened. I think that was during a time when they were working on the new gamespot so I can totally understand if it got forgotten about!

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@sexytoad: Sorry I didn't see where it said phone in your first post! I only use the site on laptops and tablets and it hasn't been an issue on those devices at least.

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This is definitely an issue. The "remove myself from PM" button is bigger than most of the other buttons when on mobile.

Though, this speaks to the real main problem that adding people back to a PM after they accidentally remove themselves is broken. You simply can't do it. If you accidentally hit that "remove myself from PM" button, you're out of luck. You then have to make a new group PM and invite them to that.

It would be so helpful if someone could reduce the size of the remove yourself button from mobile and fix re-inviting someone that has removed themselves from a PM.

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- For illustration purposes this is what it looks like on my phone, Green area dubbed the 'Safe Zone' and Red 'Highway to the Danger Zone.'

Because we've had about 4 or 5 people (some multiple times) manage to remove themselves from a PM, we've had to start up PM's again because of it, whenever I'm on the page I always take it reaaal slow when scrolling down to avoid hitting anything I didn't mean to.

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I agree with Toad. I've removed myself from PMs about 4 times now when scrolling on my phone because the button is so easy to hit. And I also really, really wish we could readd people to PMs again, rather than have to start an entire new PM. I promise, it's not because Toad has gigantic bee-stung fingers.