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I know this is isn't a critical issue or anything given all the other things going on with the site relaunch but I figured I'd mention that the GB Roku app isn't streaming anything anymore, regular or subscriber content, and hasn't updated since the latest 'I Love Mondays.'

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I was about to post the same thing. I hope they can get it fixed soon, I love watching the content on my TV.

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I'll post just to give this thread some bump. Roku is how I watch nearly all of the videos on the site.

Big screen Vinny is the best Vinny.

Edit: AHHH! Why did Vignocchi just yell at me when I posted?

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I am also here to ring ditto. It's actually my most convenient way of watching the content, so I'm already missing it!

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Feeds are messed up all over the place, itunes, xbox music feed, rss

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Same with the Boxee App. :(

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They just deployed the API update try it out now.

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Yep, The Giant Bomb Roku also not working for me. I'm on a Roku 2 XS.

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Yep, The Giant Bomb Roku also not working for me. I'm on a Roku 2 XS.

Same deal here. :(

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We're aware of it. We had to temporarily kill our API to deal with larger performance issues. It's on our radar.

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@snide: HUZZAH. I have all of the Roku development documentation in front of me and while I may be just a schlub learning Python, I'd try to tackle this problem to make that app work again.

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Guess ill just have to hold my heavy ipad 3 while in bed :(

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Problem solved, everything's working again. Thanks guys!

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There seems to be a problem. On the Video Buddy iOS app (and I'm willing to bet the same thing's happening on Roku, Boxee, etc), the latest videos can't be saved. I can stream/play them, but can't save them (tapping the disc icon).

I asked someone else that uses the iOS app, and they've had the same problem.

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Seems to be most of the new videos affected, but not all -- the Metal Gear QL can't be saved, but Crysis 3 is working properly.

EDIT - TNT can't be saved...so it appears that from a certain point in time forward, no videos can be saved.