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Hey Duders,

So at long last, I was able to watch live streams from my Windows Surface 2 RT tablet. This was awesome.

When the new chat client came in last week, It stopped working. I could chat, but no more stream. Play button does not show up, its just the GB logo beside the chat.

The tablet uses IE 11.

Any chance of it working again? I use the tablet on the road and in bed... which is when I want to watch GB the most.


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Sorry about that... It seems that the video player is now actively blocking Surface IE. We don't have any control over that. Other users have said that changing the user agent solves the problem. I'm sure its being blocked because Surface IE does a lot of dumb things and overloads servers. We're not the only service that is blocking it.

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@edgework: Just as a heads up, it's the same situation on Windows Phone (8.1 DP). The new chat works great, but the video won't play. I figure it's the same IE11 shenanigans.

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Well that sucks. But hey, it's nothing you can change so I will just have to survive without it.

Cheers :)