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Heya. Currently, whenever I'm writing a new blog (or this thread, as the case appears to be) I get this ugly, black text only version that writes in Times New Roman and lacks any kind of image editing. In fact, I took a picture:

Now, I'm not sure if it has anything to the browser (latest version of Chrome) or if I activated some archaic text editor by mistake or even if anyone else is having the same problem, but it's making long-form blogs with images a little problematic to craft.

Thanks in advance for any assistance, engineer types. I know you're out there constantly fixing issues of a more universal nature, so I appreciate it.

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This isn't much help, but it's an issue that a number of people have been having trouble with, and I don't know if they've figured out what's causing it yet. If you have to, you could --shudder-- change the site to the white background, which would at least make the text more readable.

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I'm having this issue too. Takes a few refreshes, but sometimes it'll go away.

Forgot to say: I'm on Chrome Version 26.numbers on Mac OS X 10.8.3.

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I've thankfully not run into this issue yet in Firefox.

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This is happening right now. As we speak. Or type? Whatever, I'm writing black words on this comment box and it ain't pretty.

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So, any word on what's up with this?

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Maybe this'll get them to show the bloody thing some attention, it's sorely in need of reworking.

Are you running any extensions? That's pretty much the first question that should be answered here.

Using the latest Chrome and no issues here.

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Yep. Having the same issue on Chrome.

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@mordeaniischaos: Nothing too funky, just a Gmail checker and a doodad for the Steamgifts thread. Disabling either or both of them and restarting Chrome doesn't seem to fix anything.

@starfoxa So far I've not managed to get it to go away by refreshing. I tried refreshing it a few times when the issue first popped up but got nowhere.

I should elaborate on the image thing: While you can add pictures and dictate size and alignment, as well as tinker with the image settings and add captions, images aren't resized in the text editor. I should've specified that the image editing really only relates to its size (the captions are in a weird place too, left-aligned under the images, but that's not an issue) and it all appears as it ought to once the post/blog is published. Therefore it's not impossible to write a blog with pictures in the desired places at the desired sizes, just kind of ungainly if you're using a lot of giant images.

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@mento: It worked a few times, but now I've been unable to get rid of the problem, unless I use Firefox. Unfortunately, I'm not logged in on Firefox, which is problematic for my lazy self.

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Any updates on this issue? Still happening to me.

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You might not have the latest CSS (we were having an issue where the CSS was breaking), but you may have a bad cache for the CSS.

Try clearing our your cache, that might fix the problem.

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@ltsquigs: Dude! And to think that that the solution was that simple.

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It actually fixed itself for me. Was going to come in here to thank you for doing whatever it was you did.