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Every time I try to update a list the settings saves tab pops up but the page directly goes to a 404 Error page, ultimately not updating my lists.

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404: Not Found

This page doesn’t exist. We’re willing to bet that it’s because you pasted in some dodgy URL that a “friend” of yours sent you. We think that means you should really take stock of your life and the people in it. After all, friends don’t send friends broken links.

Either that or something really weird and/or bad happened on our end. I mean, I guess that’s possible.

this is what i get too

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Same here. Annoying as hell.

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I made one with no problem??

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@damisterchief: i made one as well but updating an already existing one is the problem

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I cannot change the order of items on my list. I also cannot remove items from my list. Nothing happens when I click on either button. But I can change what I wrote.

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Yeah, I'm having the problem where I can't move items around on lists. I can edit descriptions of items, and I can also add and remove items at the bottom of lists, but otherwise I can't seem to do anything.

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I can make a new list or delete one, but when adding games the search box stays open so i cant see anything. And when editing an existing list it will not save some of the changes (saves text edits and things added but gives 404 when changing order of things) and the up/down/remove button doesn't work at all. And i can up vote my own list, which i assume shouldn't be possible? And it looks like my list "Collection" had most of the games deleted from it in the migration (i assume i had more then that in my list). And the red icon that shows the number of things in the list barely shows, i didn't notice it until just now because most of it is cut off.

And it would be nice to have the button to add a game to a list on its wiki page like it used to be, adding it from search can be harder to find sometimes. For example destiny shows up a few "pages" back in search and shows up as "destiny (working title" but is just destiny on the game page, and i could more easily add it from the video jeff just posted on the front page

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Wish I had known that earlier, spent like half an hour editing a list to have it all disappear...

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I'm having this problem too.