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Using an Android HTC EVO, the videos won't play in the proprietary browser or FireFox. Been like this ever since the new site launched.

#2 Posted by LucidDreams117 (425 posts) -

You're not alone. Unfortunately, it's not just you and not exclusive to just one platform, browser, OS. Alexis and crew are working on video player issues last I heard.

#3 Posted by snarekick (105 posts) -

the main home page won't even load on my ipod touch 4th gen

#4 Posted by AutoBarn (82 posts) -

Still not working. Anyone having any joy playing videos on their mobile device? Seems like a pretty major issue to have STILL not fixed at this point, right?

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I got the HTC EVO blues, too. Please, more cowbell... I mean fix the video portion of the app. The app WAS so cool...And fix the ROKU situation, too. ROKU vids not playing now. Is this the end for our Caped Crusaders?

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STILL not working. And now, the site won't scroll. Just sits there, not moving. Man, I can't believe they still haven't got this stuff figured out. Sorry duders, I'm out. Subscription cancelled.