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I've been considering adding bits to the wiki here and there, although I'm encountering a new issue when I go to do so. I go to edit, and when I'm done working on something and save it, I am told to explain my edits so they can be checked by a moderator. I'm not sure what the problem might be, but I thought this restriction was dropped at 1,000 Wiki Points? I'm on 88,000 points at this stage, but I've also considered that it might just be a change made with the new update rather than a bug.

Anyone out there who has experienced this as well? I'm quite interested to see if it's a normal thing or not.

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But do your edits go up instantly away?

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@oscar__explosion: I haven't really tried. I saw that and fired a bug report over since I wasn't sure what to do with it.

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@xmp44x: Your edits don't need to be moderated, but notes in that field would still be nice. Just make your changes and submit and you'll get a confirmation.

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Yeah everyone needs to put something in the mod notes section, not for approval but for historical reasons (so when someones looking through the history view they can easily see what your changes were).

Your stuff should be going through instantly at 88k points, unless theres some bug thats being hit.