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DK, Diddy, Dixie and a mysterious unannounced 4th character. Let's run through the possibilities!

  • Kiddy. Obvious choice. He was the original 4th playable Kong.
  • Funky. The other obvious choice. He was the 4th DK rep in Mario Kart Wii and he's a great character.
  • A DK64 Kong. Maybe, not sure any would be ideal for a 2D platformer.
  • K. Rool in a Monkey Costume. I came up with this one. I hope it happens.
  • K. Rool without the Monkey Costume. This would be less hilarious but still gerat.
  • A Generic Kremling
  • Mario
  • A Mii

Of the first two I would prefer Funky. However I would much rather see K Rool in a Monkey Suit because I would be highly amused by that.

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Mario would actually be kind of a neat little touch.

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Cranky kong. He's not too busy, is he?

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Wii Fit lady.

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Gosh I hate the DK64 characters. I hope it's not that. Kiddy kong would be alright especially if he was like an adolescent now or something.

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Kiddy, if they're still going for the nostalgia factor. And since it's Nintendo, well, they're going for the nostalgia factor.

I guess I wouldn't rule out Funky. To be honest, none of those would surprise me, but I just think it's more likely to be Kiddy.

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Fiddy Centipede

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King Kong.

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Actually it's just a donkey. Voiced by Eddie Murphy

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I hope it's Kiddy!

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Putnam Whipple (as Yonkey Dong).

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Probably Kiddy, hopefully Funky.

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I hope it's Funky. I hope even more it's K. Rool.

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Donkey Kong again.

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Mega Man.

My guess would be Kiddy Kong because that would make it the whole DKC cast.

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Hmmm... Something tells me its a bear from the DKC3 :D like Banjo!
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Eddie the Mean Old Yeti

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Freddy Krueger

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Russian Martian Donkey Kong

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Yellow toad

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Reggie Kong

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Funky is the obvious choice, especially since he showed up in Mario Kart Wii. No one likes Kiddy anyways.

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Hopefully Funky or Cranky. If they do go the DK64 route, Lanky would probably be the best choice (although I'd prefer Tiny, because who likes playing Donkey Kong without hair gliding? The answer is no one.) Fuck Kiddy.

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Mega Man.

Edit: Reviewed previous posts. Good to know everybody is being a dick.

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My guesses...

1. Samus

2. Conker

3. A new Kong with ice powers

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From what I understand, this game is about combinations of unique abilities. Diddy and Dixie will work in different ways, but we know both can work with Donkey. So to me, that means the forth would be someone to replace Donkey with, creating 4 combinations rather than three if it was another character to Pair with Donkey.

Now, that means the character needs to be roughly the same size as DK, (so that levels are still playable with all combos of Kongs) But also needs to have abilities unique enough for it to be able to do something DK can't.

I would say this rules out Funky or Kiddy as they wouldn't have anything that Donkey can't do, unless they made something up out of the blue.

Also, they specifically said it was a Kong, so I would rule out K Rool, Mario and any other suggestion that isn't and established Kong.

Frankly, and this may be unpopular, I think the best choice would be Lanky. He's big enough to carry either of the smaller Kongs and close enough to DK to have comparable running and jumping abilities. However where DK aces in strength (his ground pound probably being his special skill, Lanky could have something completely different from the other three. His stretchy arms. Activating far off switches, grabbing collectibles in narrow crevices. Something no other Kong can do. Or they could give him his hand stand move making him the only way to get up steep surfaces. Heck, he could have both, the stretch instead of DK's pound and the handstand instead of the roll attack to further differentiate the two.

Now, I'm not saying he is the likely choice, just that he would lend to the idea of having unique skill sets among the four players better than the other more obvious suggestions.

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Why not DK Jr.?

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@maajin said:

Why not DK Jr.?

This and the K. Rool with a Kong costume are my favorite choices. Maybe he met up with DK back at the Tennis courts and decided to fly over to his island for a visit?

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@maajin said:

Why not DK Jr.?

Continuity issues. The Donkey Kong we now think of as Donkey Kong is actually Donkey Kong Jr. Kranky Kong is actually the original Donkey Kong.

...son, didn't you listen to Solid Snake's codec conversations in Super Smash Bros. Brawl?

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Candy Kong ;)

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I'd be alright with Kiddy or Funky.

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Keith David

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I'm glad they went with Cranky. As much as I like Funky The Main Monkey, Cranky's just a funnier choice.

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retro's designs because most of those guys are Massive Black. So I'd love to see them redesign Sexy Kong, or whatever that dreadful mess was by Rare, since they can't design anything if their life depended on it.

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Actually it's just a donkey. Voiced by Eddie Murphy

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funky kong