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@pseg: Sent you the replays of the heats. I thought this internet thing is supposed to get faster over time...

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Round 1 results are official. I think we'll go seven rounds, but as you may notice, I'm playing a little close to the chest with the schedule. Your next round's Suzuka, by the way.

Heat 2 and 3 were especially exciting. I'm sad my connection was unwilling to cooperate, but you put on a hell of a show. It certainly justifies this idea.

Standings After One Round

Keval N9
Hay Four Zee1

Pretty close at the top!

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I made another Furai video you guys. It's been sitting around half done forever now it seems and I've just been too lazy to finish it. Do you realize we've been driving the Furai fairly regularly for quite a while now? I think some of these clips are from December.

I want to make another video after all these hyper series races are done too, so could someone be sure to save and send me the replays if I can't make it, or if I'm lagging horribly?

@pseg: Are you even sure that these connection problems aren't just the games fault? It seems weird that it would work fine one week and be totally busted the next.

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Hey Racenighters! Been a while but came across this video and it seems like some good laughs can be had. I will try to make next weeks race as well.

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@pseg: Maybe you should send out a PM or something for this stuff? Hell, I didn't even know this was a thing. I almost never check this thread ever since boards were removed from the front page. Sure, I should be making more of an effort to come to Race Night anyway, but rather than going to bed early I'll definitely jump on when there's an event going if I know it's a thing.

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@falconer: we actually talked about the front page lacking boards affecting us lol.

those jelly cars look pretty fun actually.

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Oh, right, results from last week! Here you go.

Round 2 Overall:

Peace Egg12
Keval N10

Overall Standings:

Keval N19
Peace Egg12
Hay Four Zee1

Not surprising! Remember, tomorrow is three heats of three laps at Road America. Wash your Panozes, but bring your Furais. We're racing Furais in the Hyper Series, after all. I just want to make sure your Panoz is clean.

A clean Panoz is a happy Panoz.

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I'll be there tonight sorry for missing last week I think I got home from work after race night started. anyways I'll be there but my panoz is dirty. fun fact swift key wants to correct panoz to pants

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@mfpantst: @grnd_lb_knt: @sushix: There may have been very few of us, but we managed to make the most of it and still have a very fun race night. Good races you guys.

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Connection issues continues....

Dethfish and I also had an issue with forgetting to save the replay for the first race for Road America, not sure if @mfpantst or Wormius did either. Dethfish won the race with me coming 2nd, but not sure what the rest was if @dethfish or whoever can chime in lol.

Besides that, race 2 and 3 replays were sent to @pseg. Rest of the night was spent realizing "pro" A.I. make good obstacles.

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Twas a good night.

Cue the cat...

Nope. Wildcard B*******

    • Super Series
      • Was great
      • I picked the right car after some help from Sushi.
      • I consistently placed Third.
      • Less than a second between 1st and 2nd in the last heat
      • We ordered the cars wrong after each heat. We compensated by lagging at the start.
      • Redwine didn't make it in time. But he spectated wonderfully.
    • Sushi likes 5+ laps for his races
    • Sushi also likes to hit the B button - he backed us out of the lobby
    • We raced 1k+ HP around Speedway test - it was as dumb as expected
    • Smarts around TopGear with Stock Pro AI - AI caused some wrecksWeird A Class (Cuda, Wrangler, ...) around Tsukuba with Easy AI - One AI did not finish with 3 minute EOR Timer
    • German S Class around Hockenheim with Pro AI - Due to Deathfish being kicked for some reason, and Sushi being playful and messing up a turn and a drift

I WON MY FIRST RACE NIGHT RACE. So I'm done with race night right?

  • A suggestion was brought up that Laz should, for Race Night, set up a 3G/4G hotspot in his house. We've seen some latency issues. I don't think it would be too much of an issue.

Forza announced for new XBOX. Now, more than ever is the time to come to Race Night.

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I thought that Tsukuba race was pretty great.

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@dethfish: looks like something out of a Top Gear episode lolz

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connection issues make a slow bird sad.

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If the first race result is the same as race 2 and 3 last week, Sushi and Dethfish are tied in points. Next round is Bernese Alps, full course, standard direction, 3 lap heats. Not much to add beyond that regarding the Hyper Series.

At this point, it's been almost five months since this connection issue started up, and I'm no closer to solving it, despite numerous changes. I'll look into options as I can, but a 3G hotspot (no reasonable 4G option here) would not be good enough. Even if I could connect, I would be unable to tolerate the latency or putting anyone else through that lagginess.

@sushix: You've had the most consistent connection and attendance since this problem started up. If you want to start taking over primary hosting duties at any point, it's yours to take. That includes if you want to make a thread of your own to control (I'd then lock this and sticky the new one) and any other changes. At this point, I'd rather Race Night continue on under someone else than die under me...and given the way things have been going, there's a good chance it will die before the next Forza title if we're trying to rely on my connection.

Besides, Race Night wasn't mine originally, anyways. Pax started it and handed it off to me. There's no need for me to keep a death grip on its control when this is being done for the whole Giant Bomb community.

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So I figure it's pretty late to be buying an Xbox 360, just for Forza. While I do miss you guys, and all the fun we had, I'm probably gonna wait to see what next gen brings.
If there's a Forza 5, and a GB club and race night.. I'll buy a next genbox perhaps.

A new console for Forza and GTA(if it doesn't launch on PC) isn't silly, right?

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@pseg: I'll attempt to take over the hosting duties while your connection issue remains, no need to start a new thread probably. I wonder if it's some issue with the game code itself(maybe you should try reinstalling the game?).

@randomhero666: I think I heard Forza is a launch title for the next XBox.

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@sushix said:


I'll attempt to take over the hosting duties while your connection issue remains, no need to start a new thread probably. I wonder if it's some issue with the game code itself(maybe you should try reinstalling the game?).

Or maybe he could try hosting a lobby in different game and see if the same kind of problems still happen.

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Short night last night.

We got the ordering wrong again.

  • HyperSeries
    • Heat 1: Dethfish, Sushi, Keval, Wormious, Redwine
    • Heat 2: See Heat 1
    • Heat 3: Sushi, Wormious, RedWine, Dethfish, Keval (There was some accidents)

Raced at Catalyuna in B, Hockenheim in E

Not much interesting. Redwine commented on the lack of noise and @slowbird

Then we called it a night by 11:30 ET

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@grnd_lb_knt: Heat 3 was pretty good for the first half or so. Almost all of us were in a tight group, but then we got too tight.

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I did send the Alps replays to @pseg, though I feel bad his participation has been reduced to scorekeeper...

A few prototype jelly cars have been built(they're quite fun), so you can expect some of that next Thursday.

And I also find @slowbird's attendance...

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@pseg Where's the Hyper Series Race this week for Round 5? Hockenheim?

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@grnd_lb_knt: Ah, crap, I didn't grab a track from my list, sorry about that. know, this is a good time for it. Hockenheim's indeed next. Full circuit, three lap heats should suffice.

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I was bored and made this Hyper Series logo. I went into it hoping to make something wipeout inspired. Turns out I'm not buzz_clik so I just couldn't get it looking good and in the end it turned out looking more like a metal band logo, which is something I'm a little better at making.

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@dethfish: send it over to me and I'll put it to use

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Warning: Contains High Levels of Wubness

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Hey guys, guess what!

I sleep a lot. And also I hate lag.

Maybe I'll try to return this week though. You guys should pester me to make it happen.

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@pseg What track tonight? How many more races?

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@grnd_lb_knt: I thought it was Nurburgring GP, or at least I hope so since that's what I practiced on.

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Oh, that's right, I did say Nurburgring GP. We'll do that.

Two more races, then. Haven't had a good chance to score our past races yet during the week. Will try to get to it this weekend.

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Okay Giant Bomb forum: fuck you for screwing up my posts and causing a double post, and then deleting both posts instead of just one. Let's try again.

Slowbird's Impromptu Off-Brand Race Notes:

U jelly?

Jeeps make great sprint cars.

Tsukuba is the Daytona of Japan.

You're an inversion joke!

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Here's another really dumb jelly car video. I spent my day off making it. Probably should have used that time for something more important.

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That soccer game was exhausting. We gave it all we had, but in the end it wasn't enough.

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@dethfish Great videos, wish I could have been there for those Jelly Races, however I broke the stand to my MS wheel, and then decided to by a Logitech G27. Someday I hope I can make it back to race night, but I just cannot use a controller anymore and the MS wheel is discontinued.

So to anyone getting Grid 2 for the PC hit me up on steam! ID= Beef Daddy.

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For you guys using a wheel: Which one´s the best to buy right now?

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@iron1c: this might be a bad time to buy a wheel, because there's a strong chance whatever you buy won't work for the Xbox One. If you're dead-set on buying one for the 360, check out the Fanatec Forza CSR wheel because it's awesome and the other wheels for the 360 are old and hard to find.

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Did anyone see this finish? I can't say I normally watch the Indy Lights series, but I'm glad I did today.

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Alternatively, watch something fuckin' hu-larious.

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So I think I may pop in for some race night this fine evening. Is there any special stupidity that I should be sure to purchase in advance. It has been far too long.

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@coldfront: Get all the free DLC cars and if you have the Benchmark Test Track that's a bonus.

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My NAT is so bad and I hate it. Sorry it couldn't work guys.

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@coldfront: Don't worry, the Forza 4 connections hasn't been great for the past little while - we occasionally have trouble with only a few people.

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This looks familar...Van vs. Wagon:

Oh and hey, supercharge your car with leaf blowers:

Oh yeah, and here's a really cool physics model for some future video game: