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Why do games become really good when it's the forth in the series?

Resident Evil 4
Devil May Cry 4
Metal Gear Solid 4
Grand Theft Auto 4
Call of Duty 4

and so on...

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How could forget the Elder Scrolls 4? Shame on you. :)

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Because all the game in series before number 4 were also incredibly good games, and as such the developers have had time to go back over their designs and improve upon them. Although, some developers don't improve with sequels, so its incredibly awesome when they do improve on already great games. So in answer to your question, those games were already fantastic well before the 4th came out, its just that the 4th built upon what was so amazing about the first three.

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I didn't like DMC4 and I thought GTA4 was the worst in the series so far.

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You're forgetting Guitar Hero 4.:)

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Sometimes it happens

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Games only become good when they reach the fourth installment because it takes that long for developers to realise wtf makes a good game. Its sad they don't employ better community realtions managers etc so they could save more time and money.

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There are like 4 other threads like this out there, lmao. This one was the first though.

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TheJollyRajah said:
"You're forgetting Guitar Hero 4.:)
It is not out yet, and it certainly isn't a guarantee it will be better than the previous. It might be, but you never know. >_>

And I thought DMC4 was okay at best, but GTA IV was my favorite in the GTA series.