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[A different version of this idea will be showing up elsewhere. Stay tuned.]

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Hey, you've been awfully quiet recently. I enjoyed reading your blogs.

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Thanks. Been thinking about getting back in, or at least transfering to a different place. Feel like things have changed a lot here, though, and that a lot of people who read my blog have moved on to other places. Still, if I wind up not being able to write professionally about games, at least I could just write about them anyway since I think about them often enough. How's by you?

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@fisk0: Yes, this exactly! When I read your post I suddenly realised this was an @ahoodedfigure post!

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@ahoodedfigure: Hey, I'm still around. If you want to keep making new blogs, I'd be way into that. The blogging community around here is starting to slowly build back up, though it's got a while to go before it's back to its heyday.

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Come on back! We can always use more good bloggers!

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Glad this got bumped up! Nice read.

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@geraltitude: Thanks. I think it's kind of weak and unfocused to start. Probably should get a rewrite if I ever try to talk about this sort of thing again.

@mento: How long you been a mod? :)

@bollard: Hey, there's that old frog icon. :)

@thatpinguino: Thanks. We'll see. Like I implied I wouldn't mind having a place off-site where I could maybe control things a bit better, but then I'd be losing anybody who didn't want to follow me over. Not an easy decision.

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@ahoodedfigure: My username changed but the frog remains a constant ;)