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So i know a lot of people dont dig home and are really skepticala of this 'XI' thing going down - 

But this made me smile

Basically todays challenge was a link to a video that showed one of the characters from the mythical backstory of 'XI' transcending from her 'game' world into reality, :-http://www.xijess.com/

At the end of the video was a load of images that flashed by in a split second 
  • A place in germany
  • A set of co'ordinates (lang and lat)
  • A link which basically listed XI on the front page before saying clues were closer than you thought ( Hovering your cursor over the picture in the article displayed a few train times, checking the locations they departed fro gave some locations:- http://www.videogamer.com/news/xi_spreads_to_the_real_world.html
  • A  probably the same thing but foreign language site :- www.meszistation.com
  • and an underground map of some location

Along with a few others i now doubt missed (they flashed FAST) - 
- and a billboard behind her displaying a number and the corresponding letter

Basically, everyone went beserk - deciphering the co-ordinates, looking pu loctions, maps, checckion images and urls, even so far as delving into the web page elements - for a good few hours.

It came to the conclusion that the images and co-ordinates were all locations of these billboards, and each of these billboards would have a corresponding piece of the puzzle on it - so the natural solution? Send everybody from their corresponding countries to the locations shown or discovered from the pics to hunt down the billboards, take photographs and on the forums piece it all together.

There was no sony prompting or anything, no message of 'Go do this! everyone just went skitz. it was amazing.

Within a few hours things were looking dire, a few people had not returned from their trips, some had but were unable to locate the  billboards, one or two had been found but the puzzle was no closer to being found.

However after approx 10 hours of searching and labour all the pieces were found and then the community got down tofiguring out what it  all meant,  - im not going to spoil it for those who still aint got the password yet - but the prrocess from start to finish along with all pieces of the code can be found here :-

This whole ARG thing is amazing, its being made by a group that regularly run these - hell even the way this whole XI thing started was amazing

One of the alpha testers for home was sen instructions to go to a park, and give a piture of a bench, when they arrived at the park the sought out the bench and found a bag stashed nearby, inside the bag was a usb stick.
Once the tester got home, they popened p the file on the USB stick, inside was the launch date and a reply mail, once the reply mail was sent, the Release date was set on countdown, and at the end - the hub was opened.

I know Sony and home have been getting a lot of flak for home and all their hndling of it, but this has been really entertainsing so far, and a great show of the community working together for one goal.

Even if they do body pop and simulate a blowjob whilst doing it