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Hey any chance of Ps3 trophy support returning to Giantbomb or is any possiblitiy of that basically paved off.

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ask Sony

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The day Sony allow GB access to the data, it'll probably be back on the same day.

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I would really like this back, now I have some trophies to show off (yes, I am that shallow).  How are the many sites which produce 'PS3 trophy cards' allowed to access the data, but not GB?

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A bunch of iPhone apps allow Trophy tracking.

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Oh... this thread again.

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i wish. all my current gb achievement data is old, as i don't have a 360 or play wow anymore.
maybe when sc2 is out it can track my achievements there.

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It's like Sony WANTS people to not give a shit about trophies.

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As has been said many times before, until Sony gives Giant Bomb access to trophy data, trophy support won't be returning.

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When Sony decides to let GiantBomb access trophy data.

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When Sony learns not to fail so hard.

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When a the 5000th ho gets knocked up by 50 Cent.

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when Ryan impregnates Brad

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When Jesus buys a PS3.

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When people stop bitching about it.
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@Rhaknar said:
" ask Sony "
@xyzygy said:
" Oh... this thread again. "
@C_Rakestraw said:
" As has been said many times before, until Sony gives Giant Bomb access to trophy data, trophy support won't be returning. "
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This isn't an aspect of the site that I've given any attention before, so pardon my ignorance, but why did Sony deny access to GB in the first place?

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Ask Sony they are actively refusing Giantbomb access to the data you'll get a few people saying the system doesn't work but there are many sites, iphone apps, forums...ect that can access the info but for some reason Sony just refuses to let giantbomb access that same data....Likely cause Whiskey media created a system far better, and easier to use and That pissed Sony off.
Whiskey medias system was awesome put in your psn thing, enable it and such and boom your trophies was up, Sony's equivalent stuff on their site is glitchy and doesn't even autoupdate half the time.

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Let's all write Sony demanding they give Giant Bomb access!

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@Yoshiya: wow, 45 achievements worth nothing. hardcore
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" @K0rN said:
Chicken Fucker.
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Its all on SONY.