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Anyone else think people are just generally to picky when it comes to games. I know everyone has there certain genre that they like but it seems that everytime a fps or third person shooter is announced everyone goes on and on about how we don't need anymore of those. Being a gamer since the Nes days I find personally that as long as I allow some space between genre's or sequels of games I don't feel I mind all the shooters or any other genres that comes out on a regular basis. Anyone else feel the same.

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Considering that games are more expensive than movies yes. We're also more invested in games than movies and other mediums. It's also probably just nerd culture being nerdy. It's hard to explain for sure. I'm okay with more FPS and TPS, but it doesn't seem like any game out their is trying to evolve that genre all that much. Too much of a good thing can be bad.

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I guess it depends on the gamers you talk too. I get nitpicky, but at the end of the day there's nary a game I won't at least give an honest shot.

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Gamers are  so picky about games because these days they usually cost around $60. For the money they're spending they don't want a passable product, they want a great product.

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He also forgot the question mark in the title and at the end of the first and last sentences.

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Meh... people will always complain no matter what media. And I think publishers should always listen to the players, that's how we evolve.

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I think the question would be better worded something like, "Do you feel you're too picky when it comes to games" because generalizing the entire gamer population into one category like that is just all around a bad idea unless you're trying to troll people.

As for whether or not I think I'm spoiled when it comes to games, well...I know what I like and I'm not going to waste my time or money on something that I don't feel is worth that investment. If that makes me spoiled then sure I am.

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I suppose people have a right to be picky considering a game costs 60 bucks, there should be some certain expectations of quality after paying that amount of money.

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I don't gamers are picky enough. Gaming can be pretty damn expensive. We could make a difference if we all refused to buy games.

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@Phatmac said:

Considering that games are more expensive than games and movies yes. We're also more invested in games than movies and other mediums. It's also probably just nerd culture being nerdy. It's hard to explain for sure. I'm okay with more FPS and TPS, but it doesn't seem like any game out their is trying to evolve that genre all that much. Too much of a good thing can be bad.

games are more expensive than games?

woah, you blowin my mind.

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Man, you don't even want to know how picky I am about games I invested a quarter of my life to.

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Yes, I believe gamers in general are too picky. More like they can't be satisfied. You do something one way and gamers complain about it, and then you do it another way and everyone complains that you weren't still doing it the first way. Mass Effect is a great example. Bioware listened to every complaint regarding the first game and resolved them. Of course then gamers spent their efforts saying how much they missed the elements of the first game that they had spent the past three years complaining about. So for the third game Bioware created a mix of the two that seemed to satisfy everyone, but no one seemed to care that Bioware listened to all their complaints and fixed them because they didn't like the ending. If I was Bioware I would hate my so called "fans" after this series. No matter what they do the fans aren't pleased.

I would also say, and I say this as a developer myself, that gamers are very often wrong. They think they know what they are talking about but they aren't designers. The number of stupid ideas you hear come from gamers is pretty staggering. Listening to fan feedback is important, but in the end the goal of a designer is to provide an experience that is fresh and fun, and to do that you need to surprise people, which is the exact opposite of doing what fans say. The thing I can usually say is that most ideas fans have the developers already tried and they either didn't work, or worked but were too expensive to implement. I think Bioware if anything suffered from trying to please their fans. By doing what the fans asked they let people who didn't know what they were doing design the second game, which was what lead to its faults.

As a final note, innovation is great and all but being innovative doesn't immediately mean being good. In fact innovative ideas tend to crash and burn more often than they succeed. And even if you have a great idea it takes a team of really talented people and a group of daring investors to actually make that idea come to life. A lot of great ideas are ruined because the budget just didn't allow for enough time for the game to actually reach its full potential. The more unique your game is the more time it will take to get it working. A unique idea inherently costs more money to make than a standard idea, and building on a base foundation, such as a previous game in the series, lets the developer start immediately with a working set of systems and polish and build on those systems which will almost always lead to a more polished and well designed game in the end. If you think back on many of the series this generation you have to think that it wasn't until the second entry that the series really came into their own. That's because the first time around you have to spend all your time just making the game work, so having a great amount of variety or complexity isn't always possible. Of course because of that many great ideas get killed off after their first entry because even though the game was innovative there wasn't enough meat to make it a good game. It's an interesting dilemma that many publishers and developers face. It isn't always as simple as gamers make it out to be, and often playing it safe leads to a better game in the end.

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Gamers are to picky as grammar Nazis are to anal. Boom.

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I'd actually say so, for ALL entertainment consumers, just look at people who listen to music, or moviegoers, theater attendance is way down, so you could say people like their movies to be a certain way, and people like their games a certain way.

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are you suggesting that gamers shut up and accept whatever the developer throws at them?

if anything they need to be more picky about what they buy.

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I'm picky in a loving way. They're great now but they still have so much potential to explore, more than anyone could even fathom. I'm picky and overly critical because I want to see them get better.

That and $60 is a lot of fucking money.

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People are too picky

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Has the internet started to charge by the vowel now?. If so please accept this gift: one O for your title and another O for your post.

You are welcome.

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Unless the gamer is a pirate, of course they're picky -- and rightly so. When getting your game of choice day-and-date at the day of release, in the end it all comes down to the value proposition most high-profile games ask from consumers. In this day and age, with the immediacy of the internet, and the coverage of a game thereof, I most of the time know what I'm getting and the type of experience I'll be having when playing the game. The power of discovery has diminished widely among game-enthusiasts, more so in our circle than in any other medium, I would posit. I've only been dissapointed in a few games I've bought blindly based on recommendations, but those instances are few and far between. Gone are the days where you'd walk up to the aisles, buying a game on a hunch for no other reason than because the cover of it looked inviting. I guess kids fall for that as a function of wanting things that look cool, but still.

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it would help if each game wasn't 60 bucks, games that cost less to make should be 40 dollars when stuff like GTA 4 or battlefield 3 should be 60 bucks.

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I'm a gamer, and I've never been to picky. So I guess not. :D

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Was the OP going to do something like

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more pricky than anything....

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For some reason I read the title as Pickley.

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Too* and being picky is a good thing.

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@Animasta: Oh noes I made mistake.

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With a struggling economy of course gamers are pickier then ever when it comes to the games they play. When we invest our hard earned cash into something we want to feel like our purchase was justified, especially if the cost of new game comes close to the same amount you'd spend for a full tank of gas. From my own experiences I don't generally buy games when they first release unless I'm absolutely sure I'll play through it, for other games I generally wait a few months for a price cut.

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No, gamers aren't too picky, they just say stupid things on the internet more than other people who are picky and say stupid things..... Prove me wrong.... I DARE YOU!

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Yes and no. I think people have a right to be pissed, they just need to learn to express themselves in an appropriate manner. The real problem is that complaints are often not well formulated and come off as silly. Otherwise you can be upset about anything.

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Seeing as how your use of "to" has annoyed me to my core, yes.

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I'm pickier about my women than I am about my games.

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I don't know what this even means? Everyone has a right to like the things they like, and if something is not to you're liking, you can just ignore it. Choosing not to ignore it, but instead to complain about it, has nothing to do with picky-ness and more to do with whiny-ness. I wish gamers were less whiny. However, I am/was more whiny than anyone I've ever met. So who am I to complain about that?

I'll do so anyway however. I wish people were less whiny. See how whiny I am? I whine about people being to whiny...

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Being picky isn't necessarily a bad thing. That said, I think too many people judge things without giving them a chance. I'm about as picky as they come, but I'll never label a game or franchise as bad without actually giving it a chance and playing it. I'd even say I have a lot of general disinterest for some franchises but I would never say they "suck" without giving them a fair shake.

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Thats too people now who've misspelt two

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You can never be too picky.

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There are a lot of games, and most of them are $70 (In Canada, at least).

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Can't speak for everyone but it sure seems like they are.

I for one, am not too picky, I want something to be worth the price but that hardly qualifies as picky.

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Picky, no.

Fickle, yes.

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I think gamers do too much complaining and not enough praising on a fair number of occasions, I think gamers often don't fully appreciate the work done by developers to bring them games of the quality we're used to, and I think gamers don't give enough credit to games that are trying to do something new but just don't quite work out. However, I don't think there's anything wrong with being discerning. Modern video games cost a standard of £40 and are a considerable time investment, so it's important that people know they're getting a product of some considerable quality.

This "pickiness" seems to just be the product of the same refined tastes you'd find in any field. People don't just want any old game to satisfy their time, they want something great. As we play more games, we develop a better eye for detail and a deeper sense of when a game is doing something right and when it's not. This may mean that we turn our noses up at certain games, but it also means that we enjoy the games we do like all the more, and that we often give our money and attention to the most talented and hard-working of developers.

In the case of the endless slews of similar FPS games, I think it's a good thing that people are offering some criticism. I love a good FPS/TPS as much as the next guy, maybe more, but with the iterative nature of games development, and the ever more corporately-fueled industry, the medium risks going around in cricles and not moving forward, when there's so many places for it to go, and so many problems within itself it still has to solve. I love the medium and that's why I want to see it produce games of the best quality it can, not just any old junk or derivative title.

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@the_OFFICIAL_jAPanese_teaBAG said:

People are too picky
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Most people who criticize games of not pushing the genre either don't realize that their genre has been stagnant for a long time, or have no idea what it takes to push a genre.

It's called the Apple effect. Expect better and better but have no idea what better actually is.

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no, i don't think they're too picky, it's just they want quality games. modern FPS are too many out there. it's kind of like last generation of games with world war 2 games. every single FPS were those.

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I'm picky when i try to pick out the next game I'll buy and play.

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I can only speak for myself in saying that yes, I am picky. I'll generally try things only after I've seen it get good buzz or having played the last game. I also never games on release day, which makes it a bummer when good games don't sell well.

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With the amount of games coming out, I think you need to be picky. For instance, I didnt play a lot of Skyrim (yeah I know), I felt in the time this would consume I could have more fun playing other games. Dont hate me.

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If I have to sit through a mediocre movie that's fine, it's not making me play through it's mediocrity, only sit back and try to enjoy the ride.

Playing a mediocre game however is more effort and far more tedious. So I have high standards. If that makes me picky then so be it, I'll leave other people to play all the shitty games.

I'll put up with some gameplay jank if the story is really good, but if it's total crap like Final Fantasy XIII then I'm OUT.

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@ArcHTecHGuY79 said:

Anyone else think people are just generally to picky when it comes to games. I know everyone has there certain genre that they like but it seems that everytime a fps or third person shooter is announced everyone goes on and on about how we don't need anymore of those. Being a gamer since the Nes days I find personally that as long as I allow some space between genre's or sequels of games I don't feel I mind all the shooters or any other genres that comes out on a regular basis. Anyone else feel the same.

Being picky is one thing. Being obnoxiously vocal about it is another.

Another factor though is overexposure: to use an old buzzword, it is the Information Highway and everything is at our fingertips. Then again, apparently it is really hard for people to not click on a trailer, news item or announcement they're obviously not interested in.

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I don't think the issue is gamers being too picky, I think the issue is the fact that gaming as a medium kind of plateau'd off. It seems like only indie devs are actually pushing the envelope nowadays, whether with mechanics or with genre; the mainstream is satisfied with what they have now, a bunch of shooters and some Skyrim, so there's no need to push gaming over into something new and exciting. When the mainstream gets tired and the industry realizes they need to do something cool... then I'll stop being picky.

Gaming needs to grow up a little bit and become a medium, imo. Failing that, we need to take away headsets from all the 13-year-old boys on Xbox Live.

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I think gamers in general aren't discerning enough when it comes to games. Stop consuming mindless sequels and support innovative development. Jerks.