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Hey, duders. It has been a rough week for everyone after the news of Ryan's passing. @mcribs and I thought it would be cool to get any of the Atlanta based (or nearby) members together to hangout and toast (bourbon with one ice cube) to Ryan's amazing memory. We are proposing meeting at Joystick Gamebar in Atlanta (427 Edgewood Ave SE, Atlanta, GA 30312) at 8:00 p.m this Saturday, July 13. They have several great arcade games, and each one costs a quarter to play. There is a side room off the main bar that we can hang out in, chat and celebrate our favorite Ryan memories. Sound off if you think you can make it.

I will be wearing one of my GB shirts for easy identification.

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Hey duders I hope some Atlanta and metro-folks come hang! We want to celebrate RTD the most appropriate way we can think of: old arcade games, pinball, drinks and baller time.

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Sounds good. I would love to hang out with some fellow GB fans in Atlanta and toast to Ryan. Feels like I lost a good friend.

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Awesome man, it'll be good to meet other local bomb squaders. Too bad this is the reason though :(

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@atlantis404: I'm right there with you. Look forward to meeting you.

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If we're free, my wife & I will drop in for a Maker's.

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@zombienutz: @mcribs: Do they have their own parking? If not, where's the best place to park close by?

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@oraknabo: There is a dirt lot next to the place that is sometimes parked in (I'm not sure if it is theirs or not), but most of the time I park on the street behind the bar and walk through the dirt lot.

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Sharing your opinion on a website to people you don't know, who don't care what your opinion is, about something you're not involved in, a little weird to me, but I bet you felt a great rush of superiority! Totally worth it, sun glasses B-)

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@marktheslark: You should probably not speak before you make comments that are factually inaccurate. Also, we had tons of fun, so thanks for your awesome input.

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@marktheslark: If you had to guess who the biggest douche was in this thread, who do you think it would be?

Also, I had a ton of fun and I am glad to meet other Bombcast listeners! Awesome people supporting an awesome community! makes me happy there are more of you than there are of mark the shark :)

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It was nice spending time with @mcribs, @oraknabo and his wife tonight at Joystick. Not a lot of us, but still very fun. We toasted to Ryan, played some games and had an overall good time.

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Dude, who was that guy who just walked up and was like, "Hey guys, HERE'S TO RYAN DAVIS!" He was awesome! Hope you had a good time tonight as well secret GB community member!