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I'm looking to get fit for my wedding this Christmas. I want to supplement going to the gym with maybe some fun ways to get fit with games and such.

Which is the best console for doing so? Wii U or Xbox One? Which has the best games etc.

Thank you in advance duders!

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Dance Central is coming to the xone, that game can work up a sweat and it's fun too.

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Right! I hear the Xbox one has something called Xbox fitness? Is it any good? Is it ...free!?

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i tried some of the 30min and 10 min workouts, I thought it was alright. There is a lot of free vids (Free for gold members) You definitely need some space for it.

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Great duder thanks for the info.

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Xbox One :)

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For me no question xbox fitness is the way to go. It's the real deal. Good range of workouts for most levels of fitness.

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A friend of mine has sworn up and down that the Xbone fitness stuff is really good. I don't have the room to try it, but both he and his wife are way into it.

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Alright looks like he Xbox is a clear winner. I'll order one tonight. Thank you all

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I also want to point out that Ubisoft has that new Xbox One game coming out they showed off at E3. It actually looks like it could be a lot of ridiculous fun. It's a fitness/competition game where you compete with others in the room (there is probably also a single player mode) in different exercises, all while on screen crazy things are happening. Like during push-ups, a whale will balance on your back or something. It looks super responsive and actually perfectly recreates your body on the screen, it's kind of freaky.

I think it's called Shape Up!

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Could pick up a Japanese PS2 and a DDR pad.

EDIT: Under the assumption that there are more DDR games released in Japan than the US.

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Xbox One. Dance Central & Xbox Fitness. I use Xbox Fitness every day now. Lots of free stuff, and even more if you want to throw a couple of bucks down. The Kinect tracking may seem silly at first, but it really plays a huge part in the harder, faster stuff.

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Some of that kinect stuff worked for me in the short term. I didn't really stick with it, but it got me moving with direction well enough.

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@kylenalepa: I would recommend just getting a PC dance pad since there's Stepmania which people have ported every song from every DDR ever to as well as some new ones.

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Play Metal Slug 3 without credit feeding and do some pushups, chinups, jumping jacks etc. every time you get a Game Over.

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Combine the Kinect with the Balance Board for maximum fitness.

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Any idea when that's coming out?

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@drekly: It's coming this holiday apparently! Can't find a solid release date but the trailers all say Holiday 2014.

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I used to play Dance Dance Revolution to lose weight. It actually works fairly decently. The music is a bit bland and boring for a lot of the games, but I just muted the TV and played my own music. Yes I realize that kills the rhythm, but it worked fine for me. Plus there are a lot of games available these days so you can have many options.