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#51 Posted by BaneFireLord (3094 posts) -

Sam and Max Season One is the only game I've actually bought the soundtrack for.

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Metal Gear Sold I-III, Final Fantasy ≤ 10, Zelda: OOT/Wind Waker, Silent Hill 1-3 and Shadow of the Colossus all stand out to me.

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The Halo: CE soundtrack was the one that made me consider buying video game soundtracks to begin with.

ODST and Reach have the best of the series, in my opinion.

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Bastion has the most delightfully unexpected. ilomilo would have had a shot at that title, but I found track similarities to be a bit repetitive.

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And while you don't divide Kelly's Half-Life 2 soundtrack from the atmosphere while playing, you certainly take notice when it's played separately.

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Are we talking about original soundtracks? Machinarium had some beautiful music, but it wasn't original.

I think the music in Braid set a really great atmosphere, and really complimented the batshit time rewindy stuff.

Also, PPPPPP is fucking fantastic.

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@senorfuzzeh said:

@habster3 said:

@senorfuzzeh said:

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I'd have to say the Metal Gear Solid series; I mean, Yell Dead Cell, Father and Son, Encounter, etc., are all so brilliant!

Right on brother! yeah I think Metal Gear 2 had some of the better music, then the third was great too.

Yeah, I'd agree with those points. I'm also rather partial to the first game's tracks for nostalgia sake hahaha

Yeah that was probably what MGS4 did the best with, all the throw backs to the old songs. Like when you first arrive on shadow moses It sent shivers down my spine or the final fist fight between Snake and Liquid Ocelot. Ah. Such an amazing game...

I concur; the part where you play that brief little bit of MGS1 gave me the biggest nerdgasm hahaha Great series overall, really

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@WinterSnowblind said:

@solidejake said:

Watch people say Halo, and others wonder why.

This is why.

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The music is incredibly atmospheric, really well composed and always manages to fit your situation perfectly. Few other games achieve anything close to this.

That just made me wonder why just a little bit more...

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Okami music is the best .

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@solidejake: Blue user name, Modnation avatar, MGS reference in the username?

Opinion discounted.

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@WinterSnowblind: My opinion's cheaper than the average opinion? Good to know.

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i really enjoy the music in the witcher.

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Not metal gear solid 2, but metal gear 2:solid snake! Want some amazing retro music? There you go. An amazing game as well. I'd say only portable ops and the 1st ac!d game were the only games to not impress me musically.

Beyond that? The first devil may cry *3s fine, but its the same damn track over and over- like 4*, shenmue 1 and 2, some of the original mega man nes, lunar- silver star story, alan wake integrated music rather nicely.

Doom 1 had some pretty cool music. Final fantasy 7 and 10 did amazingly well. 6 had some interesting tunes, but I wouldn't put it as the best game musically. The original painkiller had an amazing rock soundtrack. Every level, a new rock theme.

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The old Blade Runner adventure game.

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Streets of Rage 2, Chrono Trigger, and Ocarina of Time are all really highly regarded.

Turtles Tournament Fighters for the Genesis has music that I am partial to.

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How did I not put this in this thread yet?!

Because I was waiting to be (SWERY) 65.

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Persona 4. But I say it's the best only because of the true ending boss music. It literally brought tears to my eyes when it came close to the end, and it was an awesome remix of the theme you've heard so many times before, but so much bigger and better.

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Silent Hill (The intro music for the first game)

Castlevania Symphony of the Night

Donkey Kong Country

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There are a number of games that I have played with music that stuck with me for my entire life. Most notably, Sonic the Hedgehog 2. I will still be able to play the music in my head almost entirely based on my childhood. The music in the game is fantastic though, just on its own. Every stage has a significant tune that might stay with you for days or weeks. I also think it totally holds up right now.

In some more modern games, the Halo soundtracks are instantly recognizable to anyone who has played those games. The main theme and battle music is grandiose.

I have always enjoyed the music of Zelda. Deus Ex (2011) has one of my favorite soundtracks ever.

Other notables for me:

Street Fighter 2

Sim City 4

Super Mario Bros.

Dance Dance Revolution

Mass Effect 2

Wave Race 64



Super Meat Boy

It's almost impossible to narrow it down even this far.


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@solidejake: Cheaper as in shoddy or of lower quality? Yes.

But here:


[v. dis-kount, dis-kount; n., adj. dis-kount]



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Phoenix wright: ace attorney. Greatest music ever. So epic, really makes you feel like you accomplished something.

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I fucking learned how to play this on the piano AND the violin when this game came out. The rest of the soundtrack can't compare to Chrono Trigger, but GOD DAMN.

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I don't think I've seen anyone mention it yet but for some nice abience, the mirrors edge sound track by solar fields is incredible. For the same reason the origional portal sound track is great too. Also anything by Jeremy soule (elder scrolls, guild wars etc.) is generally great as is koji kondo (super Mario 64, orcarina of time etc.) for nostalgia.

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One of my favorites is Majora's Mask

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I would say Bastion since it's the only game score that works outside the game, for me. While most soundtracks tends to bring back fun memories, Bastion didn't even need to exist, the soundtrack stands on it's own.

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Operation Flashpoint had some real gems.

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Unreal Tournament had (still has) one of the best soundtracks for a multiplayer shooter ever in my opinion.

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For the age of midi tunes? Final Fantasy VI OST. For Modern Day Games? I love all the Mass Effect stuff. Especially the music during the 'Suicide Mission' in Mass Effect 2.

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Kefka's Theme... so delightfully queer and evil.

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@Godzilla_Sushi said:

Street Fighter 2

Street Fighter 4 has some unexpectedly great music in it as well.

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Mega Nostalgia:

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And shame on all of you for not including any Jesper Kyd yet:

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Uncharted. Nate's Theme is amnazing

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Final Fantasy X - it is the only videogame soundtrack I have ever specifically bought (other than coming with pre-orders). It is truly spectacular with some notable ones including Besaid Island, Tidus's Theme, A Fleeting Dream and Wandering. The last three having specific points in the game where they are used to perfect potential:

  • Tidus's Theme being used in Intro Area to evoke an entire world and life of Tidus as a character as the player runs accross a bridge seeing it - with about 10 minutes afterwards watching it just go to pieces.
  • A Fleeting Dream being used after the big revalation of that game and linking up the points of three different characters dealing with their problems and trudging through it to the end - This is perfectly used in Zanarkand after the build up.
  • And Wandering is played twice in the game - with the first time being truly powerful after the pointless demise of loads of soldiers because of a couple of higher-ups that the main characters have been pleading to get the soldiers to retreat - it is the moment in the game just after the player has gottong used to and enjoying the new world; it is used to bring us back to the true magnitude of what the players are up against.

Besaid Island* is played when in the wooded area of Besaid, it is my personal favourite song of all time (not just video games) - and even though it doesn't have any in-game significance like the others on my list do; it represents such a happy time for me, just replaying the first 4 hours of FFX over and over, each time stopping at the magnificance that is this song - after how depressing and literally-dark the intro is, this is played at the point when we see the first truly beautiful parts of Spira, to show us how a new life is starting now and it looks up. One of my "best moments in gaming" is the first 4 hours of FFX through the introduction to Tidus, then destruction of his entire life - to waking up in a completely new place and getting back up and running through the woods with this playing. If you ever get to play that game, defintiely do it - even if you don't like JRPGs just play it up to that point and stop before the classic JRPG mechanics properly build up.

*The clarity in Besaid is lost without having it on a louder setting, as a lot is muffled and very subtle without it*

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@WinterSnowblind: Oh, but to the contrary, is it really discounted? I believe the thread title is, 'best music in a game to date?' and that means give your opinion. I gave my opinion, so was it irrelevant? I think not. And my opinion is shoddy, because it's not your opinion? Is a Halo fanboy a little upset? Sad.

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Right now I would have to say Bastion. I've been listening to the soundtrack on GrooveShark when I'm not listening to sports.