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it seems like the time has already come and gone and with Ryan on permanent assignment it may not be a possibility but are there still plans for a BLLS:L this year?

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Jeff said no a while back.

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Lo, dear reader, it was not to be.

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Permanent assignment... As far as euphemisms go, I think that's one of my favorites now.

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At the end of this week's Unprofessional Friday they mention a 24 hour LiveStream in a couple of weeks featuring it sounds like Drew, Alexis, Jeff and I THINK Vinny and Brad and to be honest I'd rather watch that than another Big Live Live Show Live anyway!

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I feel like we get this same thread topic exactly once a month.

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@aykay_47 said:

Permanent assignment... As far as euphemisms go, I think that's one of my favorites now.

Exactly what I was going to post. Props, @sylect.

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We got Paca Plus. I think that's a more than fair trade-off.

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Two new systems make for a busy as hell fall. Also with Ryan gone and two of their workers not in the office anymore...

ain't gonna happen

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We'll be getting multiple Small Pre-Recorded Pre-Recorded Show: Pre-Recordeds, if that helps.

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Nah son.

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Didn't we already have a thread about this a few weeks ago? I'll let you off for the use of 'permanent assignment.'

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they'll do one right after they do their next endurance run

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Jeff has confirmed that there will not be a Big Live Live Show Live! this year. As your original question has been answered, and there is nothing more to discuss on the matter this thread is being locked.