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My birthday is coming up and I'm having a party and i want to know what couch multiplayer games I should pick up like nidhogg for pc and ps3

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Was going to say Towerfall on PS4 but that isn't an option for you.

So go get a PS4 and Towerfall. You can use Vita's as controllers!

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@awesomeusername: sadly it would be much easier for me to buy an ouya to play tower fall

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It's on steam: http://store.steampowered.com/app/251470/

Speaking of steam the couch co-op tag is pretty useful. Also I've had some fun playing Rocksmith 2014, Castle Crashers, Worms & You Don't Know Jack.

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Gang Beasts

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Samurai Gunn.

One of the funnest couch versus multiplayer games ever made.

Thank me later.

Also consider: Risk of Rain (co-op); Artemis (for bad-assess only BEWARE the awesomeness of this game - some setup required)

edit: Helldivers is coming out soon isn't it?

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Gang Beasts

I second this x1000. My friend visited from detroit recently and we had a bunch of people over for a gang beasts/nidhogg/dive kcik party and it was great. nidhogg is the best of the three tho.

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Rock Band.

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The party mode in the Ultimate Edition of BurnOut Paradise is pretty cool :)

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guitar hero