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So I just happened to notice EA is having a President's Day iOS sale. I picked up 7 $10 games for $0.99 each! Great deal. Got Monopoly, Trivial Pursuit, FIFA 13, and Dead Space to name a few. I was going to buy some of these full price last week, glad I waited.

Just wanted to share. If anyone has any other EA iOS recommendations feel free to share. I thought about grabbing Risk, Need For Speed Most Wanted and Madden 12 as well. Maybe Sim City HD also.

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Hows FIFA 13 on iPad,?

NFS Most Wanted is great on iPad

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Nice find, OP. Think I'll pick up Risk, NFS, and Trivial Pursuit.

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Tetris and Letterpress are the best iOS games.

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Haven't tried FIFA yet but I heard it's pretty good.