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Farmville is just too boring but because the fear gauntlet rotates in new interesting games pretty regularly it stays fun to watch 

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Fear Gauntlet
a) I like horror games
b) variety

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Investor check-ins > Fear Gauntlet > Farmville check-ins

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There's only so much you can do to make a video about Farmville entertaining. The Fear Gauntlet has variety and some pretty great games mixed in there.

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Farmville is fine, but Fear Gauntlet is better. There is simply more to do in them, and there's a nice variety. They should really be putting those on the main site.

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I like the Farmville vids a tad bit better, only because the Fear Gauntlet videos are growing a little too long for me.

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Farmville is interesting. I like it as an anthropological study, as Kessler related it to one the last Internal Affairs, but it is rarely that funny or outwardly entertaining.

Fear Gauntlet on the other hand is an awesome idea, featuring tons of awesome (and a few not so awesome) games, Kessler's OOOOHHHH NOOOOOOs, and scary undead dogs jumping through windows so it's no contest really. Spook Look FTW!

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Fear Gauntlet of Farmville!

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Farmville for me. I can't get more than 3 minutes into the fear gauntlet videos. Not sure why I lose interest so quickly.

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I absolutely love the Fear Gauntlet, Matt and Steve are hilarious when playing games together. Steve sounds like he's having a heartattack with every encounter, and Matt is just plain bad at videogames, which only adds to the tension.

Not to say I don't love the Farmville stuff, but the only really memorable parts were the sabotage and the investor check-in episodes.

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fear gauntlet is funny to hear the guys screaming. i just watched the resident evil 1 part 4.

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I was into Betting The FarmVille until The Fear Gauntlet started.

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C. Both

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Fear Gauntlet fo' real. Farmville was OK to begin with, but it's now gotten pretty boring and it looks like there's close to nothing new or exciting to show. It's no wonder the episodes also keep getting shorter.

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Fear Gauntlet has been more entertaining than actual Giant Bomb content lately. That's probably just because of the lack of interesting releases, but even the joke quick look on the Jerry Rice football game wasn't as funny as I had built it up in my mind ever since watching I love Mondays.

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Fear Gauntlet is way better.

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Fear Gauntlet is better because it's not FarmVille. They play games I'm actually interested in.

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Fear Gauntlet is KILLING IT in this poll, and I approve. FarmVille has the occasional cool moment, like the investor check-in, or the shaky cam industrial espionage. But Fear Gauntlet is King!

"Ohhh NoooooOOOooo!!!"

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I approve of this poll 1000%.

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@MattBodega: Whiskey should hire both you and Lemon and make you Endurance Run all the games on the list. Seriously, the Fear Gauntlet is the best new piece of content on Giant Bomb in a while. Love it!

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Fear Gauntlet. That's a given.

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Fear Gauntlet by faaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaar. Seriously that far, that's pretty far.

@MattBodega: If they end your internship without keeping you on in some sort of staff role, you should totally take over gamebomb and take them down.

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Fear Gauntlet...of the damned.

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Kessler kind of annoys me because he sounds like he is trying to copy Jeff. Maybe that is just him but whatever. Also, I don't like the fact they are still playing Resident Evil because that game is boring to watch.

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Fear Gauntlet.  I like the idea of an intern run thing.

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ugh..... neither I find both boring........

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i like the Fear Gauntlet because they can mix up the games

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Fear Gauntlet by a country mile. I started playing FarmVille and at level 28 (Where the guys are getting now) I just completely lost interest and stopped playing, think the Betting the FarmVille videos are suffering like this, you just realise there's no point.

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I really like both and I'm still way into Betting the Farmville but Fear Gauntlet is just a bit better.

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C: None of the above.
Neither of them are very interesting to me.

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Fear Gauntlet all the way! 
Everyone's excited about Amnesia, but I for one can't wait for them to get to the great Call of Cthulhu: Dark Corners of the Earth.

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Why not both? Daily video content is what I come here for.