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SNES, first game I played was Super Mario World.

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Well, not counting SMW which was bundled...Mario is missing.  
Yeah, a bit of a rough start into the world of video games. 

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Super Mario Bros. / Duck Hunt

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A hell of a game, too.
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Megaman II

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Donkey Kong, Turbo and fucking Zaxxon on the ColecoVision circa 1982.  Expansion # 1 with the Atari 2600 capability and #2 with the steering wheel & gas pedal package.  The wierd ass Coleco controler snapped into a recess on the Trubo steering wheel box on the right hand side so that you could have a manual shift.  That shit was way ahead of its time.  To bad the bottom dropped out of the video game industry like a year  or two later.
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