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What is the first game that you played where you decided that you couldn't play it anymore and finish it? Whether it was because it wasn't what you were expecting or the game was simply just shit, what made you stop playing the game?

For me it was Megaman Network Transmission for Gamecube. I was a huge fan of the first 3 Megaman Battle Network games for the GBA and for some reason I thought this Gamecube game would be similar but I was very wrong and I ended up being pissed. I only played it for a couple hours before deciding that playing it anymore was just not going to happen. What about you guys?

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Odin Sphere.

Fuck the snow.

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AC:R, it wasn't bad, but I wasn't feeling it, I couldn't even FORCE myself to finish that game.

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Really? I never finished any games until Super Mario 64. I stopped playing all the games I played before then.

The only ones I wish I'd finished were A Link to the Past and Secret of Mana, but I sucked at games then so finishing them would've been practically impossible. I still suck at games now, but I'm leagues better than I was then.

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Final Fantasy VIII. Reason? Draw, junctioning, Zell. All that crap. I was like 10 years old so, naturally, I had a crappy attention span and that stuff made no sense to me. I think it was my first RPG as well, for my sins.

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No idea which was first, but most memorable was Bioshock. I just reached a point and realized "Huh, I'm not having fun." So I went on to something else and never looked back.

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@OneManX said:

AC:R, it wasn't bad, but I wasn't feeling it, I couldn't even FORCE myself to finish that game.

That is my most recent game to give up. I picked it up for $20 on 360 and I just stopped playing a third of the way through and sold it. Brotherhood was solid but Revelations was doing absolutely nothing for me.

@pyromagnestir: I was good at playing games to the finish line and moving on but eventually I reached the point to where I couldn't do that anymore.

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The very first game I didn't finish? Toy Story 2 for the Playstation, because this was a time when I was a little kid and couldn't play games properly, so I gave up.

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@OneManX said:

AC:R, it wasn't bad, but I wasn't feeling it, I couldn't even FORCE myself to finish that game.

Huh, that's exactly the opposite of my experience with it. Despite play every AC game before it, I found it to be a pretty enjoyable breezy little game. For some reason I just wanted more AC after Brohood, especially the Assassins' guild world conquest strategy game thing. I just couldn't get enough of that for some reason.

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The most recent one I can remember is White Knight Chronicles. I remember being very disappointed with that game.

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Legend of dragoon is the earliest I can recall, I was young and bad at the combat and the last boss just spanked me repeatedly, and I got so frustrated I just gave up.

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@OneManX said:

AC:R, it wasn't bad, but I wasn't feeling it, I couldn't even FORCE myself to finish that game.

I did that with Brotherhood, didn't even try Revelation..

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Fallout: New Vegas. Got 20 hours in, and my companion bugged when I was exiting a building. Tried a different save from earlier, and he was gone there as well. Attempted to drop and get other companion... no dice. Decided that was the last POS from Oblivion I would ever pick up not on super sale.

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Damn, that's going back to DOS days... I don't even know.

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Final Fantasy XIII. If there was ever a book on how to not make a video game, Final Fantasy XIII would be the premise.
Fuck Gran Pulse, fuck Snow, fuck Hope and all of those other drama queens and how in the fuck did they turn that into a trilogy.

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Harry Potter and the Chamber of Secrets for the PS1. I got that one as a gift but I just had to stop playing since it was so boring and terrible game. And IGN gave it a fucking 8.0, I have no idea what that reviewer was thinking at the time.

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Something from the NES days. I don't know which game for sure but, Friday the 13th is a likely candidate. I hated how Jason would randomly appear. Machete > rocks.

Actually, thinking about it, it technically would be an Atari 2600 game you could finish like Adventure or E.T. but I didn't really get into games and devote much time to them until the NES.

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I rarely finish games anyway. I start playing one, then I get distracted and move to another.

I'm playing the original Zelda right now, and it may be the first time I put down a game due to sheer frustration instead of a short attention span. Fuck a Darknut.

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The first game I ever played: Super Mario Brothers. And probably 95% of all games I played after that. I only recently started trying to finish most games I play.
Of course I finished it once I got a Game Genie, but I'm not counting games that I cheated to finish.

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Any of a dozen early NES games.

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Way too many to remember, some that i just wouldn't remember since I started playing games before I was 4.

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SwordQuest: Earth World for the Atari 2600. Man that thing was crap. They were supposed to release 4 games in the series but they never made it past 3. They should have stopped at 1. Games like this contributed to the crash in 1982.

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Don't remember my first, but the most recent one was Darksiders 2. So many fetch 3 things quests then go kill 3 things, then 3 more things before your original quest is completed. And too many puzzles, not enough combat.

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Golden Sun 2 I think. I just remember getting nearby the end and just stopping. I have been meaning to go back to the whole series, but I just don't have the drive to do it all again.

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Probably not the first for me but the one where the game just broke me down and I said "Fuck You" to it... and that was Skyward Sword. Only made it to the start of the Water Temple (I think I was only 20 hours in at that point) and I was just done with the game. Just was so frustrated with the game and apparently I didn't even make it to the worst part. Don't know if I will ever beat it. That is the only game I can think of where it wasn't difficulty that I just stopped playing.

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Super Mario Bros 3. only after my NES broke. That was a sad day.

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I mostly rented games as a child, so I almost never had the chance to actually finished them.

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Jade Empire

Yeah there were games before I stopped playing because they were rentals or I couldn't get past a certain part, but Jade Empire was a game I was almost done with when I decided to just stop.

Same thing almost happened with Darksiders but I eventually got back to it and it was totally an awesome game.

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Fucking Final Fantasy 13.

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Starcraft Brood War; after 10 years of playing it I finally had to make the decision to stop; though I've never had such a wonderful experience with a game since and will always have nostalgic feelings about my hundreds of days playing it.

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I never finished a lot of older games, so I'll try to stay somewhat to later generations.

I never finished most JRPGs, but then again, I mostly only rented those. I could only take the combat for so long until I got too bored to continue playing. I tried to stay interested in the story, but it just couldn't grip for the entire game. (FF7, FF8, Secret of Mana, Secret of Evermore, Breath of Fire, etc, etc) I did in fact beat my first JRPG in FF13... and mainly because of trophies and the fact that it basically played itself, though I did enjoy the audio-visual feast. (OBVIOUSLY not counting the voice acting)

Anything made by Traveler's Tales. My god are those games so boring. I could not even finish playing the first LEGO Star Wars game with my cousin because it was so unbelievably boring. I had to tell him that I didn't want to play with anymore which is mean, but continuing to play would be akin to torture. The same goes for when I rented The Chronicles of Narnia: Prince Caspian. Good GOD it was awful. Probably the worst game I've played this entire generation and I've played a lot of mediocre to average games.

The last I can think of is Sonic Heroes. It was my first attempt to play a Sonic game since the Genesis days and I literally could not play past through first level. I returned it to BlockBuster and lied about it not working so I wouldn't have even had to spend a few dollars on that garbage.

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Dead Rising 1.

i got past the first few days, and then 90% of the zombies were gone and special forces guys were shooting me, and it turned into an item hunt and a REALLY bad third person shooter. it was AWFUL. took everything fun from the game, and forced the worst parts on it. never finished it.

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Deus Ex. I love the game to death. Tried as much as I could to play it, but it was just to hard for me to have any kind of enjoyment from.

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@OneManX said:

AC:R, it wasn't bad, but I wasn't feeling it, I couldn't even FORCE myself to finish that game.

Yup, same here. I actually had an entire week to play it, since I was house-sitting for my girlfriend while she and her family went on vacation. I had absolutely zero responsibilities, and I played it for about 8 hours (or enough to get a Super Grandmaster Assassin-or whatever that rank is-in to almost all of my dens), but I didn't care about the story, the traversal wasn't as fun as I had remembered, and the combat was too easy. Not bad, just. . . bland. Bland as fuck.

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Surprisingly the earliest one I remember is the first Mass Effect. Put that one down, sold it to my local used game store, and I never looked back.

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Probably Milon's Secret Castle. That game was made by sadists.

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Skyward Sword. So goddamn hand-holdy and just annoying.

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The first one I can remember was South Park. Mom saw that I watched a lot of South Park, so for Christmas she got me a game that said South Park on the case. It was kind of amusing for a little while, but got repetitive pretty fast. Traded it in for Gran Turismo 2, if I'm not mistaken.

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Azurik for Xbox.

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@Oscar__Explosion: Aww man, Golden Sun 2 is soo good though!