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It doesn't happen too often, but recently I finished Spec Ops: The Line in one sitting. It was the right combination of short game, interesting story and proper amount of time set aside. I think it helped cement that game as one solid, cohesive (if not necessarily coherent) story. Because of this, I enjoyed the game more than I might've otherwise.

I'd be interested to hear about your experiences finishing games in a single sitting, whether it's something like Journey that's meant to be played all in one shot, or if you've played through a longer game in a crazy marathon session.

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Doesn't happen all too often with me, I play a lot of longer games mostly. Most recent is Journey and yeah I can't imagine playing through it in breaks.

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I think the last time I one-shotted a story was Call of Duty 4. In general it's not something I like to do, because it makes me feel like I got less for my money.

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Most recently for me was Dead or Alive 5 story mode. Which I got the game at midnight and ended up finishing the story somewhere around 7am.

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The only two that come to mind right now are Bomberman Hero and Gears of War the first one...

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Thirty Flights of Loving

It was rough, but I managed to make it through in one sitting.

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Yeah, I've only done this with stuff like Gravity Bone, I wouldn't want to play a full length game at once. I'd get burned out on it, and I much prefer having some time to go away and digest the game before I came back. For Spec Ops: The Line specifically I felt the more I went off and thought about what happened in the game, the more I liked it.

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I've done that alot, normally it's FPS's since they are rather short to begin with, but I can't really remember any of them so that tells you have forgettable I believe most FPS's are...

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i did re4 in one sitting which was around 11 hours lol, the prince of persia game that had cel shaded graphics but i dunno how long that one was (i did got the achievement for less than 12 hours run though) and metal gear rising too which was a cake walk on hard mode for some reason

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I don't think i ever finished a game in one sitting. I just can't play for hours at a time. I didn't even finish Dear Esther in one sitting!

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I beat Uncharted 3 in one sitting, only pausing for dinner, it was craaaazy but pretty cool.

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I finished God of War 3 in one sitting at a friends house. Maybe like 6 or 8 hours?

All the big set pieces really helped keep me interested.

Halo 1-3 on Vet or Legendary co-op. Pretty easy as long as your friends don't keep dieing in the same spots and you ragequit. Must have played through one of the Call of Duty's in one sitting.

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Wait, actually i did finish multiple games in one sitting, sometimes more than once a day... when i was a QA tester. That terrible 2008 Alone in the Dark, Bionic Commando, Ghostbusters and others.

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I finished Saints Row the Third in one sitting. I'm not sure my brain has yet to recover.

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Fable. Horribly short game and wasn't even that good. Easiest last boss ever. Was so mad afterwards when I realized it was the last boss.

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@tycobb: I take it you didn't play Fable 2, then? They outdid themselves with the lameness of that last "boss."

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I played Drake's Fortune in one sitting and I remember enjoying it quite a bit, even though the gunplay was average. I also remember hating the supernatural aspects of the game.

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Homefront. Fuck Homefront.

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I remember finishing Donald Duck PK in what felt like 2 hours and going "... that's it?" at the end.

I also finished all the MGS games in one sitting each over the course of a week, not really because I was trying to but rather because there was never any break where I felt good about saving and quitting. I always wanted to get to the next cutscene to see what would happen next, and I also felt like I'd lose or miss something by saving and quitting.

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I finished Tomb Raider in basically one sitting. I played like two games of LoL in the middle of it, but other than that it was all in one session. Finished Metal Gear Rising in the same fashion. Happens quite often when I have nothing better to do.

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Played through Asura's Wrath (up to the true ending) in one sitting with a friend. Not sure if it counts as we passed the controller back and forth between chapters, but it was done in one sitting.

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Journey. Got pretty close with Bastion, I played through most of it on one day and only had a half hour or so left to finish the next day. And a couple weekends ago my nephew interrupted me while I was playing To The Moon, otherwise I would've played through that in one go.

On New Years Eve I tend to pick up an indie game and try and play through as much of it as I can (you know, that's probably not a thing I should admit to doing... It might make me seem sad and lonely, and that's not how I want to seem, whether it's true or not!), though this year I played XCOM and last year I played Skyrim, so I didn't play through either game, but in past years I've played Limbo and some others. Although now that I think about it, Limbo might be the only one I ever actually finished in one sitting.

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I don't htink I've ever done that actually.

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I remember playing Portal 2 in one sitting from Saturday afternoon to late Sunday morning. It was pretty awesome, and especially surprising since I usually get really disoriented in first person games. I've also played FFX in one sitting before (although I have played that game dozens of times so I would count that). And a couple years after Mirror's Edge came out, I saw a retrospective which bashed the game saying it was a horrible mess and can't be played anymore - so I decided to sit down and see if I still liked it. Boom, it was better than I remembered it and I played the entire thing in one sitting (along with doing quite a lot of the time trial stuff).

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Most notably I got home around 11PM from a grueling day of school followed by working as a chef, unwrapped my copy of MGS2, and played it from start to finish. Due to general exhaustion and a major lack of sleep, I started freaking out around 8AM when suddenly Col. Campbell was telling me to stop playing the game. It was all very surreal. I then immediately started the game up again and beat it a second time in about 3 hours. Then I fell unconscious and missed all my classes.

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I wish I had time to play more than one or two games every couple of months.

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i kind of love blasting through a games campaign in one sitting. sadly i dont have the time i used to to do that.

last notable ones i did that with was gta 4, gears of war 1, halo 3 and god of war 3.

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well most fighting games I guess.

but those are usually meant to be cleared lots of times so it doesn't feel like a rip off.

It's also why I don't buy many shooters, they tend to be short.

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I can only really think of a few sidescroller type games, Super Mario Land, Sonic the Hedgehog 2 and Sonic Advance.

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Halo 4, co-op legendary. And many more.

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Hmm there were a few SNES games, which I rented and then played and finished in one sitting. Recent games would be VVVVV and From Dust (waste of money that was) I think.

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Only recent one for me is To the Moon. It's not very often I have more than a few consecutive hours to play a game, unfortunately.

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Modern Warfare 2. I even played a whole lot of multiplayer that day. Crazy.

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Half-Life: Blue Shift is the last one I can remember.

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Off the top of my head:

To the Moon

Batman: Arkham Asylum


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I beat Journey in one sitting. Not very impressive, I know, but I think it was the best way to experience it.

I also beat Metroid: Other M in one continuous playthrough.

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I've played so many games in my fruitful life but I can't remember any games I finished in one sitting except Journey, I know there's more though... Serious Sam maybe, I freaking loved Serious Sam when the ol' Xbox was still around

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The Unfinished Swan is the only one i can think of

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It's almost traditional with me to finish Call of Duty titles in a single sitting since they've got short campaigns now.

  • Call of Duty 4
  • Call of Duty: Modern Warfare 2
  • Call of Duty: Modern Warfare 3
  • Call of Duty: Black Ops
  • The Elder Scrolls IV: Oblivion (did a speedrun of the story for a friend for the achievements, years ago)
  • Possibly a few other titles too

@superfriend: I remember doing the exact same thing with MW2. I rented it, finished it in one sitting and then went online with a friend. I got the game at about 4:30pm on release day, and was playing online by 9pm with a friend and discussing the campaign.

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Shadow of the Colossus.

Fantastic idea.

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I actually do this a lot because of limited access to my consoles when I'm back home from college, plus an obsession of clearing out my backlog.

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Metal Gear Solid (once)

Metal Gear Solid 2 (once)

Metal Gear Solid 3 (thrice)

Metal Gear Solid 4 (once)

There might be others, but I've made it a point ever since MGS3 to only play Metal Gear games in a single setting if I ever play them. MGS3 came out of nowhere when I rented it and I just could.not.put it.down. Got home from school at 4, put the game in, fell asleep the next morning at 5 or 6 with the game completed. I rented it a few months later and did it again, then when a friend asked how I felt about that game and I told him that he found it unbelievable so I rented it again, he stayed the night and I crushed it a third time.

MGS1 and MGS2 were a lot of fun to go back and play that way, but when MGS4 came out it was about two acts of "yes, this is satisfying me" before the bottom fell out and it became one of the most disappointing experiences I've had in gaming. I wanted to turn that game off and never look back SO many times.

Oh, recently when Portal 2 was $6 on PSN I bought it and TRIED to push through in a single sitting, but when the triple-goo puzzle with like four or five different layers of verticality showed up my drunkeness and tiredness got the best of me, I threw my hands up and said good day to that game. It ended up taking me about a week to beat the final third of that game.

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This is very rare occurrence for me. I rarely play for more than a single hour at a stretch. The only games i have done in one sitting are modern rogue-likes and fighting games intended to be played in one sitting to begin with.

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Journey is the only game I can think of but it's less than 2 hours so I assume most people have done it in one sitting.

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I can think of some games that I finished in like two sittings (Dead Space 3 is probably the most recent example), but in general I can't marathon a game for longer than 5 or 6 hours, and the exceptions are usually games that would be impossible to finish in one session anyways.

On the other hand, I could probably beat most of the older Resident Evil games in a single sitting if I was on the ball, considering most of them can be beaten in around an hour if you know what you're doing.

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Halo 3, which took less than 5 hours.

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Journey and Bastion

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I used to do it all the time with Mega Man 2 (and other platformers), Resident Evil 2, Space Quest series, Monkey Island series, and other Lucasarts adventure games.

Unless it's really short, I rarely have the time to beat a game in one sitting anymore.

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I think Journey is probably the only one. Playing more than 4 hours in a row is too much for me.

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Killzone 2 and Spec Ops: The Line for me, can't think if there are any other off the top of my head.