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I'm looking to get some wireless surround sound gaming headphones for gaming on the TV. What would be some good suggestions?

Also would I need to get a receiver to effectively use these headphones? I currently have an older JVC dvd 5.1 receiver. with only one HDMI input.

I would like to have all my gaming (xbox, ps3, wiiu) be able to ran through the headphones.

Thanks for any help

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Hey what's your budget? Do you want to game competitively? Do you need a mic?

My friend recently got the Black Ops 2 edition of Turtle Beaches that support virtual surround sound and wireless, and he loves them. If you don't mind the dumb branding, I'd recommend them too.

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Yeah, the mic is a must. I'm guessing the $200-300 range

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yea, turtle beach are pretty decent. Happy with my wireless turtle beach headset.

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I have Astro A40's with a mixamp and I love them. I've used Turtle Beach and Tritton in the past but nothing sounds as good as A40's IMO. For whatever it's worth they're also the headset several game journo's use (Patrick, Anthony Gallegos at IGN, Arthur Gies at Polygon just to name a few) If you can afford them that'd be my recommendation. I think they run like $300 so they might be a little more with shipping and what not.

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I'm extremely happy with my pair of X42s. They just eat hella batteries but other than that they're great.

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I've heard Rebel FM discuss headphones from time to time, but wasn't looking at that time.

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Having just went through trying to buy my dad a great pair of headphones for tv and xbox I went mental.

As I have 4 Turtle beach headphones 2 of which are busted. The two busted ones were wired, both broke in the same spot on the head seat (just above the connection to fork that holds the cups.) and the other are wireless. I found out they have two extra screws at that join which means they dont break, also WIRELESS as wires are destroyed waaaay to easily. As i found out with my PC focused TBs.

Go wirless if you are going with TB, also they come with their own receiver. What you will need in certain cases, unless you buy one with an optical in and out. Is an Audio Entertainment add on cable. This allows you to put scart audio plugs into the composite of a Xbox while also useing HDMI for Visual, or plug it in your tv through a headphone jack or Scart cables as HDMI will carry the audio for you.

I heard things about Tritons. My friend has a pair and they are amazing and great sound however not for long term use in my opinion. As the unbreathing light leather cushion is too weak vs the very comfortable breathing mesh of TBs.

So in the end with my father....I bought another pair of TBs for him. I have a pair of X41s for My xbox and pair of X31s for PC. My dad has a diffrent pair thats similar to the X31s but are more general use and black.

My dad was looking at Steinheiser headphones which uppon closure inspection they have zero confort., so for gameing, surround sound or Confort. I find TBs to be best.

TBs are so confortable that I tend to not take them off and at times can wear from all day. I almost even walk out the door with them on.

The receivers will go through things walls, helps if you point them towards that direction. However there can be a little cackle even if you are near them somtimes more so when things go buy. My x41s and X31s are RF wirless. While my Dads are 2.4GHz Broadband Wireless so it preforms slightly better through walls and in general.

As for batteries, they use up 800mh Rechargable batteries with 12 hours per day use

in 3 to 4 days, so buying the right batteries and rechargeable will net you long use.


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@akyho: Steinheiser lol. Also that's totally not true about sennheisers, I have a fairly sizable head and I can wear mine for ages and not even know I am wearing them. They aren't wireless though so whatever. They aren't a headset either.

@jerrkat: I would say stay away from this virtual surround sound bullshit (and definitely actual surround sound cause 5 drivers in one little cup? Bad idea my friend) I have tried it before and it just sounds crappy. If a game has decent sound design you only need stereo anyway, CS has proven this. That said, I don't like any of these overpriced console headset manufacturers. It's all very overpriced and they don't sound all that decent. They also make you look like a fucking dork, but whatevs you're at home it doesn't matter.

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Astro A50

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Is it weird that I play most games on mute???

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regular good headphones, like Sennheiser 598 or something (personally have Alessandro MS-1, functional for gaming and terrific for music but probably not good enough for positioning) and attach a Zalman mic.

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I got the Skullcandy Plyr 2s, which are wireless and only $129.99 (I was lucky and has a 50% off coupon when I got them), and I think they're pretty good. They look kind of stupid, but are super comfy and the wireless works surprisingly well. They also have a pretty good warranty (and Skullcandy is really good at honoring it).

The only downside is Skullcandy has a stigma for selling crappy products. I've heard it hit or miss; most of the time their low-end stuff is junk, but the good stuff (these Plyrs, I have a set of Crusher cans, etc.) have been doing a lot better over the last few years. If you're under a budget, they're at least worth looking at.

Just...don't get the yellow ones. I did because they were the only ones in stock, and they look like a giant bumblebee.

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Just bought a Plantronics Gamecom 780 SS headset off Amazon($57). Its got 4.5/5 stars off 750 reviews so figured they cant be too bad. So far they're nice on my head and the surround sound really works which is surprising after listening to laptop speakers for so long. I haven't messed with the settings too much yet to see how songs come through but movies sound great. Haven't had a chance to game with them yet either but I've got Monaco downloading so hope it has great sounds.

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I use the Sony Pulse Elite for PS3 and PC and have no complaints. It uses USB so it might work with Wii U and 360 (although I am not sure, have never tried it).

Is it weird that I play most games on mute???


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I have a pair of Turtle Beach PX21 wired and X31 wireless phones. The sound quality in both is pretty terrible and I'd never listen to music with either set, and the wired set has serious ground loop problems when connected to a wired Xbox 360 controller. Maybe the newer models are better, but most "gamer" products are overpriced crap.