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Is there anyway I can purchase a reproduction of the original, directly from you?? I would be proud to have this hanging in my college dorm wall. This is such an amazing picture. Such a good way to honor Ryan's memory.

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Had this idea for a little while and finally decided to work on it, not sure if this is in the right spot or deserving of its own post, apologies if not.

Thought everyone might get a kick out of this, as well as had the idea of getting it framed with a little name plaque at the bottom and mailing it to the crew. Though not sure how that would fly.

Again sorry if this is wrong first time posting here...

Edited in the newer image now.

The cracks on his uniform, despite the colour are white, the ones on his face are currently red and I think they should be weathered the same way as the rest of the picture. Also, tuning down his saturation might make the head look more like it belongs with the body.

In all, it really looks nice and a rather fitting tribute.

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This should be nearing release in the coming day or two. I'll make a post about it when it's ready.

I'm taking suggestions for copy/colour scheme/traits/imagery to be included in the mod.

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@fattony12000: Any way to include a trait in which China won't care what General Davis does?

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Excellent, you did not miss the shoulder epaulets so as to impress and protect the ladies, if that is what they are referred. Hopefully that is what he wore when he drove the northern menace from some significant harbor in Texas..Wherever that was. He was an excellent idea man and implementer of tactics and strategy no matter what Longstreet thought, and I might again add protector of the honor of women for the South...we are talking about Beauregard, aren't we?? The guy who kept a notepad and pencil under his pillow so that if an idea struck him in the night, it made it to word pad?

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Good job

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Fantastic picture

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Good lord, that is fucking great. A better place in the sky, General Davis.

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awesome dude.

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Great picture!

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I'm going to make this a Great Work of Art for Brave New World. It's perfect.

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very nicely done, RIP ryan

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