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I'm back, with another stupid infographic. This time featuring the vastly knowledgeable Giant Bomb Sports Team, Jeff & Vinny. This infographic has every result from every sports game featuring Jeff & Vinny, I'm sure I will have missed a few and that you won't hesitate to point them out, if you do I'll add them into it. Anyway, here it is, enjoy:

(Naturally, it's pretty big so it's easier to link to it than paste it here)

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Oh, what a season. What a season it's been!

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This is great! Thanks for making this, and who would have guessed that Vinny is so "good" at soccer games?

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Mods, put this in the community showcase now.

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@zombiepie: Half way through getting the information for this, I realised Vinny had only won like one game and wasn't sure if putting this up would be a good, but when I saw he won all the soccer quick looks I went ahead with it.