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Just a place to chat about ur ideas about the game.

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There is a GOW 3 forum for that, dude.

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Alright then...please, discuss some of your ideas about the game.

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Megalon said:
"Alright then...please, discuss some of your ideas about the game."
Exactly. In order to create a thread you have to start it by initiating some kind of discussion.

I don't want to look like a twat because you're clearly new here and that's fine but, when starting a thread it's best to say something like "ideas for God Of War 3" and then stick in a bunch of your own ideas for people to talk about and hopefully expand upon.

Also this forum isn't like traditional forums in that, virtually every game in existence has it's own message board, so really you should be posting this thread here but I'm sure the mods will fix that for you.

Just a heads up for the future.

Jsut to help you out: we're actually only days away from the grand God Of War III unveiling and I've absolutely no doubt that in terms of looks and styles it's going to be absolute unbelievable. I doubt that the game is going to change much in terms of gameplay but I'm cool with more of the same.

I also expect an 09 launch date.
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I'd also like to see atlantis in the game. Maybe a boss battle against Poseidon maybe. That would be cool. Going to hades to fight Hades. Zeus will most likely be last like in the first.

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I mean the second