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Posted by Alekss (327 posts) 1 year, 4 months ago

Poll: How fast is your internet? (329 votes)

below 5 mbps 15%
5 - 8 mbps 10%
8 - 12 mbps 11%
12 - 15 mbps 5%
15 - 18 mbps 6%
18 - 22 mbps 8%
higher 46%

Mine is 12.22 mbps which is below average where I live (the average is 15 mbps).

Sorry for giving such broad choices, feel free to detail below.

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9.5 down, 15 up. Yay contracted apartment internet!

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#53 Posted by Turtlebird95 (2285 posts) -

The fastest I've ever seen it get up to was a little above 60 KB a seconds. Takes around 6 hours to download a gigabyte. So yeah, my internet kicks all your asses.

#54 Posted by Ryuku_Ryosake (202 posts) -

94.79 Mb/s down. 0.98Mb/s up. Got to love that college internet but man that up is terrible. Also this is about the worst time of day for our internet so it might be better at a different time I'll have to see.

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I generally get excellent download speeds but lackluster uploads. Overall though I have nothing to complain about. My apartment building upgraded everything to fiber from DSL about a year ago and the difference was shocking. I went from getting about 4mbps down to getting up to 100. I don't wait long for downloads anymore.

#56 Posted by Nodima (1058 posts) -

Cox Communications, Omaha NE.

Actually kind of exciting considering my plan is for 15 down and 2 up. But I suppose that's what their mysterious PowerBoost technology is for.

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Not too bad.

#58 Posted by big_jon (5708 posts) -

24 down, .5 up, it's terrible...

#59 Posted by wwfundertaker (1395 posts) -

When my internet works i usually get a decent speed (up to 18Mbps) but over the last year it kept cutting out, and it was hell.

#60 Posted by Tajasaurus (786 posts) -

Slow as dicks

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Usually get 0.5 to 1Mbps "broadband". Don't even live in the countryside, I'm pretty close to London. There are so many Internet black spots in the uk but it seems to go by unnoticed by anyone that can do anything about it. Then again we have a company called BT who have a monopoly on the infrastructure and they are absolutely useless.

#63 Posted by Winternet (8002 posts) -

Around 15 mbps. But, with unlimited bandwidth. AWWW YEAH!

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13Mbps down and 1Mbps up, which is pretty damn good for North Carolina. Most people I know around here don't get much more than 5Mbps.

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My download speed is running about 8Mbps slow today.

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Holy shit everyone on here seems to have god tier internet speeds, how much do you guys pay for that? Mine is about $60 including home phone.

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@LtSquigs We thank you for your service to the digital multiverse.

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@sathingtonwaltz: I pay 20 euros (approx. 25 $) a month for 50mbit down/ 2.5mbit up with no data cap and including a phone line. Imho a pretty sweet deal.

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@jgf: That sounds like an amazing deal to me.

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@jgf said:

@sathingtonwaltz: I pay 20 euros (approx. 25 $) a month for 50mbit down/ 2.5mbit up with no data cap and including a phone line. Imho a pretty sweet deal.

Holy fuck that is an incredible deal right there.

#73 Posted by Meltac (1999 posts) -

Not fast enough..

#74 Posted by probablytuna (3525 posts) -

Mine's not even 1Mbps. Welcome to fucking Australia.

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I'm almost as far out in the sticks as it's possible to get to in South Korea:

Guess I'm doing alright.

Oh, this costs about $30 USD a month and comes with 100 TV channels. BWAHAHAHAAAA!

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60 mb/s with Virgin Media, it's great when it works. I've noticed if I use it too much for like streaming or something it will just cut out for an hour or two and completely screw me over. Also, they have capped my speed a couple of times and occasionally it will drop down to like less than 1 mb/s for no reason.

Like 2 mb/s upload also.

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Depends on the pc I use. As a person using a wireless network where my pc is almost 130-150 feet away from my actual router I see obvious speed loss. When at the pc beside my modem I get around 35-37 down when at the usual pc I use (aka this one) I get about 25-28 down. For some reason no matter where I am or what I pc I use my upload remains around 6.2 give or take a slight variance.

#78 Posted by Sooty (8082 posts) -

60 down and a crappy 4 up. I top out around 7800KB/s (7.8MB/s) download speeds.

#79 Posted by Jack268 (3387 posts) -

I pay for 30 down and something up but it's more like half of it.

I guess I'm a bit spoiled living in Sweden but I can't believe people have such low speeds, even out here in the countryside they're putting out 100/100 fiber soon.

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My upload speeds always suck

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Oh, sorry; 1 Mbps.

Yeah. And on the smartphone side, just outside of 4G range at home.

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I was on 80 mbps but Virgin Media promised me 100 mbps when we upgraded our package, 3 months of arguing on the phone ensued until I got what they said i'd receive. Fuck Richie Branson. Seems like everyone has one of these stories, ISPs need to sort their shit out. Think this works out at £50 a month.

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I'm pretty okay with this.

#86 Posted by MeganeAgain (123 posts) -

I'm very happy with it.

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1.5 mp/s down

.045 mp/s up

DSL in the USA! woot (Speedtest rates it an "F+")

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Why did you start your highest bracket at the World average?

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#90 Posted by RedCricketChase (443 posts) -

5 Mbps. Apparently y'all have way more internets than I do here in Missouri.

#91 Posted by Slax (894 posts) -

When I first moved into the condo where I live we were getting 20/5 now we are getting like 5/3 at the best of times. Comcast is the worst, but also the only thing available.

#92 Posted by Lord_Xp (602 posts) -

This be mine.

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My school has pretty decent internet.

#94 Posted by iam3green (14390 posts) -

it's like 1.5mb. pretty slow. it sucks it takes a while for websites to load, videos to load, streaming pauses to catch up a lot of times.

#95 Posted by ssj4raditz (1125 posts) -

Just over 5Mb/s... I really feel the need to upgrade now.

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I'll just drop this here to make everyone feel better about themselves:

It seems that you can't easily get wired up for multiple cable ISP connections to a single house in Canada, so I'm sharing my 15 Mb/s connection with a houseful of people who stream constantly. Good thing Shaw hasn't cracked down on us, because we go over quota by AT LEAST 50-100 GB every month.

#97 Posted by RobotHamster (4170 posts) -

Way below 5.. but I live in the middle of bumblefuck right now so no surprise there.

#98 Posted by MedalOfMode (294 posts) -

Fast as play OnLive in 720p

#99 Posted by Cameron (595 posts) -

I have 30/1, which is fine for most things, but a bit rough when I need to upload large files.