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I don't feel I can pick one particular moment that's my favourite.
Everything he did was hilarious and amazing and I will definitely miss him a lot.

I will watch all of these with fond memories, as i'm sure many others will too.

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My favourite Ryan Davis moment was every first few seconds to a minute or so of every bombcast. I loved tuesday, I craved for it. Not so much anymore. I'm not looking foward to tomorrow, it's problably going to be sadder than today.

I'm just gonna teke 15 minutes off work and go cry in the bathroom right now.

Maybe someday I'll come back to this thread.

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The entire Playstation 4 and Xbox One conference. Amazing. Just amazing.

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Personally, it was Ryan bellowing at me to stop running for the mic during the PAX East 2012 panel. In the video, you can see me in a hoodie sprinting towards the mic (I had missed the cutoff to ask a question by 2-3 spots at East 2011 and was determined not to have that happen again), and he points at me while insisting that I stop and disappear from his field of view before starting "E-mails" for a good minute. I've never gotten an e-mail read on the Bombcast, but this was infinitely more memorable: I have a moment where I was directly a part of the Bombcast, and I will always have Ryan to thank for that.

The fallout from Gerstmann-gate and how Ryan and Jeff eventually formed Giant Bomb means a lot of different things to a lot of people, but their journey has had a profound impact on me far beyond video games. I was at a place in my life where I was really unhappy with a lot of my personal and professional life, and their journey to start something new and positive in the fallout of something negative was inspiring, motivating and reassuring in a way that has profoundly improved my life since that time, and which I will now unfortunately never get to thank Ryan for directly.

I know that I will really and truly never forget the impact of Ryan Davis on my life, both through his example and his words. The best that I (or anyone else) can do now is live life as he would have and he would have wanted us to: passionately, profoundly, generously and with exuberance.

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One of the reasons I write about video games now is because of the Giant Bomb (formerly GameSpot) guys. Ryan Davis in particular.

At E3 2012, I ended up standing right next to him in line to see Assassin's Creed III. We both had Ubisoft PR people shepherding us into the closed door demo, but there were a few minutes where I could have easily shook his hand, thanked him for everything, and generally geeked out that I was finally meeting him.

But I didn't. For whatever reason, I chickened out.

Today, that's weighing on me a lot. The regret that I didn't just say, "Hey, thanks. I love everything you do." I thought I'd get another chance ... I figured there would be plenty of opportunities where we'd be in the same place at the same time and I could rectify my mistake.


Ryan, thank you for everything. You were an inspiration to me and one of the reasons I do what I do. The world is worse off without you.

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No clip from me, but I'd say every time I heard the man utter word "Tuesday" on the Bombcast I knew I was going to have a good time.

Ryan Davis: a king among men.

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For the last three years, I've been battling depression. Eventually, when I was looking for a foothold in life, I started listening to the bombcast. I had loved Ryan and Jeff during the Gamespot days and realized there was probably a podcast I would enjoy, for the first time ever.

So I started listening. And listening. And waiting for another episode. And listening to that.

The bombcast became a constant in my life. Before, I hated wednesdays. Now, they were days to look forward to (us europeans usually listens on wednesdays b/c the time difference). Ryan was the biggest reason for that. His personality shone through in every episode and he seemed like a dude that genuinely loved life and loved living it. And that was contagious.

I'm better now. I have found a foothold again, and the bombcast is one of the reasons for that. Ryan Davis is a reason for that.

I'll be forever in your debt, duder. May you rest in peace.

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the entirety of TANG

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My first and most fondest memory of Ryan actually brought me to become a Giant Bomb member and fan. That of course is the very special Deadly Premonition Endurance Run he did with Brad. His commentary during that was just brilliant and genuine.

My second fondest memory of Ryan is when he told the whole world that he sat on a cake in the nude. First off, it's amazing to me that anyone would share this experience, let alone to the whole internet. Secondly, I never thought in my life I would wonder what that experience would be like. I may actually try it in memory of him. I'm not trying to be funny here, I'm damn serious about the respect I have for him sharing this. I think that's the type of guy he is though, and open book and proud of it. His openness and honesty over the years on Giant Bomb has made me feel like I know him. Never met the guy in real life, but it feels like I have.

I also used to follow him, Jeff & Brad on Gamespot back in the day. I loved the videos that he and the other GS employees would produce. Of course though, I will never forget about the bleach blond hair he once had. Looking back at it now, that damn hair was beautiful.

Other great memories from his involvement with Giant Bomb that stand out in my mind are:

-The second cake incident that involved a toilet

-GOTY 2011 Top 10 where he's dressed up as an old western Mexican hooligan (http://www.giantbomb.com/videos/game-of-the-year-2011-ryans-top-10/2300-5459/)

-His series TANG This Ain't No Game

-Any of the Kinect QL's he was in

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My favorite Ryan moment was when I got to meet him for the first time at PAX 2010. Me and a friend saw Ryan walking through the indie booth. I yelled out "Ryan Davis!" Only realizing after I'd said his name that I was perhaps being a bit too forward. But Ryan didnt miss a beat, he happily came over and shook our hands and spent the next ten minutes excitedly talking about the show and what he found in the indie booth. I remember telling him how much I loved Wonderful Universe of TANG, and asking when the next episode would be posted. He was nice as hell, especially considering I was a complete stranger yelling his name from across the room. I'm grateful for all the awesome hours of laughter he gave us. You'll be missed, duder.

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I'm exactly the same age Ryan was. I am numb right now. He and the rest of the bomb squad brought joy to my life every week. I can honestly say I wish it had been me instead of him. He brought joy to so many.

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I don't think I can come up with one favorite moment. Ryan was amazing and so often just random stuff he would either do in a video or say on the bombcast would make me just laugh my ass off. This thread is great though and between crying and laughing at the moments folks are posting helps.

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Listening to him clamor on about when he got so sick that he went to see the Super Mario Bros Movie!

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I love this story. Shows what a great guy he was. RIP Ryan. China Does Care

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The podcast shortly after Ryan ended doing Nintendownloads, and Jeff started the Nintendownload Express and it got more downloads then the Bombcast that week. Jeff tried to bring it back and Ryan was feeling sick, so Ryan and the others just kept cutting him off. Then at the end when Ryan was thanking everyone, he mumbled under his breath something to the effect of, "And Jeff I hope you fucking burn in shit." I almost peed myself laughing at that one. This industry and this world is a lesser place without him here anymore.

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still my favorite ryan moment even thought its just mostly him cracking up a jeff

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THIS is my all time favorite Ryan Davis Moment :D(Thanks to the guys who help me find it)

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Thank you Ryan.

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Ryan Davis once offered me a sandwich.

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I have several.

'There's a giant dog in that intersection, there's a giant dog in that intersection, there's a giant dog in that intersection' - Deadly Premonition Endurance Run

'Balls of sadness' - discussing Duke Nukem Forever on the Bombcast

When he unexpectedly turned on Saint's Row The Third in the 2011 GOTY deliberations. And while we're at it, his whole 2011 GOTY segment.

'WHAT. ARE. YOU. SAYING?!' - to Will Smith on his mispronunciation of executable

The Assassin's Creed: Brotherhood QL.

His stare-off with Freddie Prinze Jr. in the Wing Commander TANG.

Now, if you'll excuse me, I'll be watching all of TANG.

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  • Leisure Suit Larry: Box Office Bust Quick Look
  • Any Quick Look with Vinny.
  • Sonic 4 rant.
  • Battlefield 2 TNT.
  • That weird livestream they did where talked about GE Smith and Ryan ate an Uncrustable.
  • Muh balls.
  • Hat judge.
  • NARC.
  • Batmanbatmanbatman.
  • Every instance of inappropriate Rorie touching.
  • Betting the Farmville (specifically the "calling the investors" skit)
  • Every episode of TANG and WUTANG.
  • Drinking breast milk.
  • "It's been a day of glory here on the Whiskey Media Happy Hour" - said during a particularly dysfunctional happy hour that I cannot remember.
  • Loving Portal 2 and Civ 5 as much as I do.
  • Literally rolling on the floor laughing.
  • All the random words he would just pull out ("I felt we were hornswoggled there")
  • Charmingly garrulous.
  • Don't shake the goddamn baby.
  • Every hand of Cards Against Humanity.
  • Buying random domain names with Max Temkin.
  • Finding young Brad Muir.
  • Soup Wallet.
  • Playing We Dare.
  • Always being annoyed with Will Smith. Including changing his gamertag to xXwillsmith420Xx.
  • Out of Bow-Wow-Nds.
  • Every shitty Ubisoft game show game Quick Look.
  • The Xbox Live Indie Games Quick Look.
  • Multimedia Celebrity Poker.
  • SimGolf feature.
  • The Matrix Online.
  • Constantly chiding Vinny for fucking around in the control room.

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I think my favorite moment was the time in the P4 endurance run when you just hear from off mic: "You're talking about sex right?" The ER was the only thing I watched on the site at first and after hearing that I laughed pretty hard, and after that I started watching the other videos on the site and listening to the podcast.

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One of the funniest videos in the king's long history. Sigh.

Shake that baby one more time.

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my favourite video uploaded on the site is of you and Jeff cooking and eating those hot dogs using that hot dog toaster oven thing back in 2009 or '10. Won't be the same without you, major loss for gaming journalism, keep reviewing games up there!

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This still makes me laugh!

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As many people have been posting Ryan had an amazing ability to just go with up. From the first time Matt Rorie started his lingering hand touches to some outrageous behaviour during some of the E3 shows Ryan could take control of a an unpredictable situation and turn it hilarious.

This terrible news has hit me harder than I ever thought it could and I'm sure many of you guys feel the same way. Knowing no one in person who knows anything of GiantBomb at all makes this thread all the more awesome to share the laughs and the tears with this community. I will be roaming the streets of Toronto tonight drunkenly celebrating your life and the joy you have provided me since those early GameSpot video reviews, pm me if you want join.


I will never love Tuesday's in quite the same way again. Thanks you were, are, and always will be hilarious and awesome.

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@8bit_archer: It's actually in the top spot on the homepage right now

EDIT: That was weird. It was there, then I came to type that out, and went back and it was gone

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Too many great moments to pick one, but this forum is doing a great job of picking out some wonderful memories. Ryan was the live show and Bombcast ringleader that really made Giant Bomb special. When I think about what the most interesting, forward-thinking ways of running live video game shows and podcasts, Giant Bomb is it, and Ryan deserves the lion's share of the credit for his hosting and moderating duties. He was hilarious, and he was a tremendous talent. Ryan will be so very missed.

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The GOTY videos were always some of my favorites, along with that E3 recap moment where Ryan looks sidelong at a creepy passerby to Kanye West's Power. Just absolutely pitch-perfect editing and timing.

I'm still super fond of this too.

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@sargus: Ah man that sounds sad. Don't beat yourself up with regret though. I dunno why i'm telling you all this but in the midst of all this sadness (and the loneliness some of us are feeling cause we have no one to share all this with except on these forums) I just feel like getting in touch with GB duders

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Liking his description about the current trend of game movies in general.

His endurance to watch this for us will also be remembered.

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I met Ryan briefly at PAX East this year. Day after the GB panel, I went to see Quadrilateral Cowboy. Was a huge line, hopped in. Didn't even notice that he was only a dude or two ahead of me in line. He was talking with everybody on the line - happy, jovial, just a talkative cheerful dude on a long line. I didn't say hi to him, I was a bit too shy/hungover at the time. But he just looked like he was having the time of his life talking to random dudes about games and random bullshit.

Took a (shitty) pic or two of him as he interviewed Brendon Chung, looked like it was for an interview that never went up.

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I've never been so broken up about someone I didn't really know. Ryan was a comic genius and a talented mc.

My heart goes out to Jeff. You guys were the best duo of the new media generation.

One of my favorite moments was the bombast where he retold the story of accidentally narc ing out an entire hotel floor of pot smokers at California extreme.

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Ryan shouting about how he loved Juicy Juice on one of the Whiskey Media Happy Hours.

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I don't post in the community and have just always been an outside observer of all the stupid that goes on here at Giantbomb. Part of me would like to think this is an Andy Kaufmanesque stunt. That if anyone is capable of being a dick enough to do it it would be him. Cause thinking of the alternative is heart breaking. I spend my professional life being extremely serious. Being able to live vicariously though the stupid on Giantbomb is what I look forward to. This is one hell of a loss. You guys make being stupid on the internet classy and Ryan Davis may have been the classiest of them all. Your humor has help me get though a bunch of tough times and will likely help me though this one. You'll live on in this site and in all your fans. You did more that make stupid internet videos you brought stupid into our hearts.

RIP Ryan Davis.

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I can't think of one in particular. He was so fucking hilarious in almost every situation, that it's like trying to pick one standout moment from a sea of great ones. I guess if I had to name something, the one that is coming to mind right now is "2poch" in the Chrono Trigger endurance run.

I really wish I had made it to PAX, or something, before he passed. He always sounded like the kind of guy I'd love to sit around drinking and BSing with. Fuck, man. Fuck.

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I interviewed for an intern position there (not long before they got bought by CBS) and before interviewing I ate lunch at Grumpy's across the street. Ryan Davis randomly came and sat a few seats away at the bar (he had no idea I was interviewing.) I said hi and talked for a bit, then went about lunch. He came up after eating, like a pro, and shook my hand and said "best of luck on the interview sir."

That's how I'll always remember him; just a classy, funny, professional-ass professional.

RIP sir.

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Just leaving this here

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There are probably to many to recount, or even to properly remember but this was the first thing that came to mind. I just really love the opening of this Quicklook.

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I feel so sorry for Jeff :(