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"What if it's just one duck, but a fucking insane duck. It's just a hyper-photorealistic duck that's also out of it's mind and attacking people at the park. I hope the PS4 can render one photorealistic duck."

Can you guys come up with a more profound PS4 summary, in the spirit of Ran Davis?

-- Owning my typo, feel like Ran would do the same.

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I don't know why but I can't stop thinking "Ayn Rand".

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rand davis for president! noo fuck that

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Ran Davis for libertarian gubernatorial senate congress!

I think it's time for the photoshops..

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Ran Davis is the real deal, not like that phony Bryan Davis.

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As an expert in custom software development and technology for modern business needs, I don't think any of us can say it better than Ran Davis.

Ran "The Man" Davis
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@starvinggamer: Is Ran The Man a rare spin-off of the Van Wilder movies that I've never heard about?!

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It doesn't just cipher energy from your washer, it also fucks your wife and fathers your children. Shoulda bought an Xbox.

--Ran Davies

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I googled Ran Davis, but my safe search was turned off. Don't . . Don't ever do that.

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" PS4 allows you yo make the best toast man has ever seen since the invention of the toaster by Franklin Roosevelt in 1806. Not a burnt slice in the loaf from my testing. The best feature being that as soon as your toast is sufficiently heated, you can hit the share button and BOOM, share your toast with your friends list instantly."

--Ran Davis

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Ran "Runny" Davis :\