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The little loading bomb/Johnny icon that flashes when you change pages in a thread or post something is the best thing ever.

yes it is. I've been going back and forth between pages in this thread just to see it again.

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I'm really liking it so far. The white site actually looks pretty good (though I prefer the black still), the new user page is cool, and everything just looks great. I definitely need to renew my sub as soon as possible.

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Just doing a gif check:


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My only gripe (for the moment) is how the following activity feed is accessed by clicking your profile as opposed to the little thingie that used to be next to your PM inbox. I almost maniacally check that, so it's going to be an adjustment.

Other than that...I like what I've seen so far. I'm sure after a bit more perusing I'll have something else to say.

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i like da new mobile site guys

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Well, it's better than Polygon.

But for real its pretty cool.

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Still need to get used to it before I will have any real opinion. But I will say that the new mobile site is way better.

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Is anyone else running this in chrome on a laptop? I'm running chrome on a 13" macbook air and have to run the broswer in fullscreen in order to see the whole site. In the usual window mode portions of the site are cut off and can't be scrolled over.

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First thought: everything is way too big. Seriously, only three videos per row is pretty bad. At least there's more than five podcasts per page now. This probably sounds more negative than I mean it to, I'm sure in about a week I'll be used to it.

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Off the top of my mind:

  1. No way to know what a thread is related to without clicking on it first.
  2. No most recent forum activity on the main page.
  3. User images are gone.
  4. Still getting used to all major content being left aligned.
  5. No achievement/trophy tracking.

Aside from that, the new text editor is pretty awesome. The new Bombcast player is slick. Oh, and the black design is still the best design.

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I love it already

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Well, the site isn't on fire anymore, so that's cool. It's still running pretty slow for me, and it is still a tad unstable. Aesthetically, the new site looks good (though I still prefer the black layout over the white). The way the "New Games" section functions is a little rough. I liked how you could see a tonne of stuff in a single glance on the old page. Even with the grid layout, the icons are still overly big. I rather miss the old activity feed on the front page, just so I could know when there was going to be live stuff well in advance. Even though I knew it was coming, I'm still bummed about quests and achievement tracking. I know that stuff was fluff and why it couldn't work on the new site, but goddamn if they weren't two of my favorite things about the old site.

I dig the new "popular" section of the videos tab. The new field for writing stuff on the site seems much improved. The staff tweets widget at the bottom of the front page is kinda cool. The single best feature so far is the ability to pin videos to the top of the window so that you can read the comments: fucking awesome stuff that. I'm sure there are lots of small things that I will come to appreciate, too.

And chat polls. I want all the chat polls.

Dave, Alexis, LtSquigs and the rest of the engineers did a heck of a job, overall. I hope they can sleep now. You know, for like a month.

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@amdman: I am, not having any noticeable issues, but I've got a larger screen than that, so that may be part of it.

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looks like an iphone version of kotaku

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I guess I'll get used to it.

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I wish everything on the front page was shrunk down to like 75% of itscurrent size. I like the layout, everything is just a tad too big.

Also forum threads needs to be back at front page , yeah everything to the left in forums feels weird ... what is wrong with them being on the center? Also followed users´ shenanigans should be back at the main pageas well , Im lazy I dont want to go to many places ... instead just the main page and then go from there. Cant say about the wiki I rarely used it.

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Really liking the design.

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@hitchenson:@chibithor: Yeah thats not right, not sure what happened but it used to show the name of the board. Will fix that tonight at some point.

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I enjoy the new look, though trying to find the forum and changing my pic took a little while.

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The new forum layout and look really bothers me, but this is coming from someone who hardly posts on the forums anymore. I take my own opinion with a grain of salt. Aside from that, I like it. But I missed (and miss) the old forum layout already. I think I somehow received like 500 extra posts or something, because I don't recall ever being over 11,000 posts.

And I have 77 unread messages, and I know that's an error.

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One thing I really hate - why is the forum name gone under each post on the main forum page? Now thread titles like "How is this game" will make no sense and you'll have to state the name of the game every time you want to talk about it. Example. In this example you wouldn't know he's talking about Minecraft until you click the link, instead of just seeing on the main forum page that it's about Minecraft, a game you know nothing about, and decide to skip over it.

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Haven't explored much, the front page looks nice, but there's too much empty space and everything is aligned to the left, forums look bad and I don't like the lack of recent forum posts on the front page.

It feels like the revamped PSN store, looks really nice but not as easy to use/clear. I can't stress how bad the forums look, half the screen is empty and posts are aligned to the left makes it hard to read long threads/posts.

This is how the forums and posts look to me.

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Don't really like the forum.

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@winternet: Augh, knew I forgot to do something. Timezones is something we are still working on, but I will make the post times be fuzzy "Posted X ago".

@markwahlberg: Images should have come over, keep trying to look at your gallery. The site is still a little wonky as we work out scaling it up to the demand, but the images should be there. If they still aren't in your gallery toss me a PM.

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Ugh, wiki pages are piss now; if you want to see a full list of games, concepts, objects, etc... then you have to go to a completely different page.

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I also just noticed that there's no info for Comic Vine in the footer now. Just a link to Gamespot. That seems weird.

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I'm not sure what I think of the way comments/forum posts look, but overall I think it's pretty dang nice. What is the serif font used for headlines? I like it tons.

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It seems alright. Pretty slow but it will improve. I like that they got rid of the colored usernames. That stuff was stupid.

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@believer258: I had the same problem with the site being too large (on chrome) and just zoomed out via browser once. Then it fit perfectly. Could be the same thing?

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Yeah, can't say I like how everything in the forum is all squashed over to the left. A good third of the screen is empty space. Also everytime I leave a forum page regardless of whether I typed anything I get this error message. Pretty annoying. Tried to crop this image but edit doesnt work.

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It seems alright.Pretty slow but it will improve.I like that they got rid of the colored usernames.That stuff was stupid.

Why? It helped differentiate peoples user names alot easier, now everyone just has a red name in a small font size. Even if they got rid of the allegience colours, it would be cool to have an option of like 20 colours to choose from.

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The main thing I don't like about it is how left aligned the forums are now. There's so much room to the right that's not being used. It's almost like the Youtube update.

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Dark theme forever! Happy with the typeface choice, but I am a sad panda at the lack of proper apostrophes and quotation marks.

Hmm, maybe the contrast is a bit too much though.

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The video section has gotten some great additions like sticky and saving your position in a video when you watch it again. These are great new features.

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@ltsquigs: ok, thanks, I'll check it again tomorrow.

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@sixpin: on the other hand you have this : /forums/favorites/topics/

Every time you post a message or create a topic it will be listed there

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Looks really sleek and cool, I like the new video player and the 'pin' feature is nice. I assume things will speed up once they get Comic Vine moved over and have more resources for bandwidth.

One question i have is will all the old strategy guides be back? I published two guides for Persona 4 Golden and i just checked and they're not there(i published them before they locked down the database).

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Generally like. A bit of a rough start. I hope there are super duper changes under the hood, cause the front end is a lot sparser and some functionality is gone. Forum activity on front page Was always a curiosity. Quests were too only less so.

I liked it before. I like it now but change is unnerving. I don't see improvements yet, just impolitic action.

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Last two words were supposed to be "simplification". Edit function does not trigger the keyboard on ipad

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Really fantastic.

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This looks really good but I do agree the other user's concerns on the site activity feed. I am really used to scrolling to the bottom of the homepage to see the forums section. :/

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I guess it's kind of cool... I'm just not used to it yet

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I wish everything on the front page was shrunk down to like 75% of itscurrent size. I like the layout, everything is just a tad too big.

Also forum threads needs to be back at front page , yeah everything to the left in forums feels weird ... whatis wrong with them being on the center? Also followed users´ shenanigans should be back at the main pageas well , Im lazy I dont want to go to many places ... instead just the main page and then go from there. Cant say about the wiki I rarely used it.

These are my first thoughts as well. Why does everything need to be HUGE?!

I really appreciated having the forums on the front page, it really served as a pleasant distraction that made me spend more time on this site than I would have otherwise.

Will need to spend more time getting accustomed to it, but my first thoughts are "ugh". Then again, I admittedly hate change.

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I miss the 8 or so forum threads that were listed at the bottom of the front page, any way to get that back?

Yeah I miss it too.

No offence to the Giant Bomb guys but I really dont need your twitter feed.

Everything also seems too big, it all looks really nice but it makes it harder to navigate.

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Not digging the forum design, but everything else seems alright.