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So this is it. Time to vote duders!

Technically the year is not over yet but what few things remains are going to be mostly staged stuff for the GOTY videos and i don't think any of this would fit in a Moment of the Year kind of poll. Also i'm just not sure about having GOTY stuff in a GOTY poll if that makes any sense. In any case it's unlikely that any new moments would receive enough attention to secure a place among the 10 most popular moments of the year according to you.

The nomination thread gathered over 200 replies and over 50 different suggestions and i feel pretty good about those numbers. Reading through all this stuff has been a blast. So many different great moments, some of which i never saw myself and overall just a great reminder that despite some slow weeks following the move to CBSi, 2012 turned out to be a really solid year for Giant Bomb.

There wasn't many clearly defined rules as to what consist of a "moment" and while some of the choices might feel a little out of place because of their length i decided to include them nonetheless. Specifically those would be the North Korea stream and the Sleeping Dogs DLC quicklook. Just out of sheer popularity and a lack of close alternatives but also because they add a lot of variety to the 10 choices it just didn't feel right cutting them from the list.

There are of course a number of honorable mentions: Happy Action Theater Dubstep, WWE 13 I Love Monday, Jeff explains the "Raid" and finally, while technically not a Giant Bomb moment, Jeff's descent into madness as he plays 4 hours of Funky Barn.

And if you want to relive those magical moments:

  1. I don't know which way is up you guys. P-51D Mustang Flight Club (the magic moment is at the 43 minutes mark)
  2. Sleeping Dogs: Nightmare in North Point quicklook and various patching failings.
  3. Society is fucking crumbling and it starts by eliminating pennies! Jeff's 40 cents rant from Pax Prime 2012
  4. Take him to the murder slingshot! Jeff Gerstmann 2012 political platform
  5. Big Jeffrey's Rollercoaster Rampage.
  6. Drew Scanlon resident DPRK expert. Drew's North Korea stream
  7. #teambrad. Mile High Club achieved and an unbroken Brad!
  8. Don't shoplift from the Walmart that's all i gotta say. -Chris with the white car
  9. Let's watch a pro/Let's learn from a master. Ravaged quicklook
  10. Pancake at Dave's and a wild CBSi announcement.
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I think there already is a thread about this, but it isn't a poll.

I voted G in any case.

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@Snail: Yeah i made the thread, so people could nominate their favorite moments. Now its time to vote!

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F. Our very own Drew Scanlon went to North Korea and he came back as a brainwashed spy, I think this is a really big moment.

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Nothing beats #teambrad.

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I voted for G, but I will say that the Sleeping Dogs Nightmare in North Point Quicklook was my favorite quicklook of the year. Close second for favorite moment of the year.

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Let's watch a pro is the hardest I've laughed at anything all year this year, great moment.

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Murder Slingshot was my favourite by far.

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I guess its down to how you interpret "Moment of the year", but I think it has to be the buyout, it was a massively big deal, and has lasting implications on the site.

TeamBrad was great, and I would call it the "best moment of the year", but it isn't as important as what was a very "Indie" site becoming a part of a big corporation.

Also, Tested may be in a better position now but its a bummer that they are rarely guests now.

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I know #teambrad will win, and was amazing, but the clusterfuck that was the Sleeping Dogs: Nightmare in Northpoint was unmatched.

From Vinny playing like a madman, to scripting bugs, and the crazy patching issues; it was unadulterated madness.

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That's actually a tough choice for me. I need to reflect on this for a bit.

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I can't possibly decide that. At least murder slingshot, Pennies rant, Walmart shoplifiting, Mile High and North Korea are far to good in their unique respective ways to pick my favorite. It was good to be reminded of those glorious moments though!

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Take him to the murder slingshot! A very direct to the point name.

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The video that begat #teambrad is one of the most inspirational things I have ever seen.

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Tough choice. I don't think I've laughed as much this year as the Mustang Flight club when they were in that cloud. But Drew's North Korea video was fascinating. I went with A, because I find it sums up Giant Bomb pretty well.

Honourable mentions to Chris with the white car and Big Jeffrey.

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Drew's trip to the DPRK was amazing. I loved every minute of content about it.

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Drew. Drew wins, because he went to goddamn North Korea.

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Drew's Korean vacation. Who knew someones vacation slideshow could be so damn fascinating?

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It's interesting to see how the vote is pretty different from the nomination thread. Teambrad comfortably in first isn't a surprise but Let's watch a pro was the 2nd most popular choice in the previous thread.

There's something about having all the choices laid out at the same time.

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Team Bradley.

With Drew's trip to North Korea a close second.

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A tie between Murder Slingshot and Big Jeffreys Rollercoaster for me!

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I chose Drew's North Korea stream, but only because it was pretty awesome and I didn't feel like choosing "Other". My actual favorite moment was when Jeff did his colorful impression of Papa Murphy on the Jan 10th Bombcast.

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CIA Operative Scanlon's North Korea mission debrief was fucking fascinating, I was enthralled by the entire thing, and the rest of the bomb crew were too so I felt like we all shared that fascination to an extent.

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Team Brad, if this was a multiple choice poll in the beta, though, I would've also voted N.K and Nightmare at North Point!

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All of these are fucking amazing. I love this place, you guys. This stupid, stupid place.

I voted A, I hadn't laughed that hard at anything in ages. 2nd choice would be Drew's DPRK photos, 3rd goes to #teambrad.

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That sleeping dogs stream was amazing to watch live, especially when Vinny pulls up the Law of the West game and shoots that lady, causing Drew about that pattern he's noticing with Vinny...

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Maybe I am too out of this but, can someone point me to where the teambrad meme comes from?

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The murder sling. I still crack up every time I listen to that clip, and it's pretty much the epitome of Giant Bomb.
#teambrad was pretty fucking amazing. Gotta root for the underdog though.

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@hermes said:

Maybe I am too out of this but, can someone point me to where the teambrad meme comes from?

They were using #teambrad on twitter during the last few moments of his run during the BLLSL3. It trended worldwide for a short while.

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The Aerofly FS quick look with the incredibly creepy co pilot was one of my favorites that is not on this list. Drew's trip is probably my vote though. Big Jefferies was also hilarious

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while i really enjoyed Drew's talk about his trip to North Korea, #teambrad was just so incredible how everything went down.

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just reading this thread, it occurs to me that if you earn any kind of fulltime wage and you enjoy this shit as much as i do but you don't subscribe, then you are a fucking idiot

good year guys, i voted for Drews North Korea trip, but im also totally cool with #teambrad winning, watching that video gave me the biggest dumbest smile.

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5. North Korean Drew

4. Big Jeffrey

3. Murder Slingshot

2. Let's Watch a Pro

1. #teambrad

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Where is Drew throwing a can at Jeff after bad pun of Harry Potter : Book of Wonders.

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#TeamBrad. No contest.

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#TeamBrad was the best moment of the year, with Drew's live stream right behind it, and then Flight club. It's truly been one of GB's best years.

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@Bourbon_Warrior said:

@Kidavenger said:

@Pr1mus said:

  1. Let's watch a pro/Let's learn from a master. Ravaged quicklook

I'm blown away by the editing in this video, I didn't notice this the first time I watched it, but they say something different each take, hilarious.

The guy has some great editing skills, this one is brilliant.

I just shit myself at 0:41!

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D and I made me laugh so damned much, but I voted F, as that was damned awesome just listening to someone talk about a vacation, IN NORTH KOREA.

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I loved Drew's North Korea stream, voted for it because I thought it would get a lot of votes, glad to see I'm wrong.

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I have to say the Nightmare in North Point QL. Watching the game break before their very eyes was a fantastic experience, even before the other random stuff like loading up DOSBOX or Thundercats.

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Open and Shut for me. There were many many great moments, but Team Brad blew them all away.

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North Korea Drew stream ftw! Fascinating stuff.

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Come on, where's the flight club at? I guess quick looks don't really count as moments.. oh well. I also don't know almost any of the things that were listed. LOL shows how much I keep up with GB these days, or how little stuff is free anymore? o.o"

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Watching Brad almost kill himself trying to beat video games has never reached such a climax.


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@AURON570 said:

Come on, where's the flight club at? I guess quick looks don't really count as moments.. oh well. I also don't know almost any of the things that were listed. LOL shows how much I keep up with GB these days, or how little stuff is free anymore? o.o"

The first choice on the list was from a Flight Club video and of the 10 choices only 2 were for premium members only.

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@Pr1mus: Ah I see, I guess it just shows how little I keep up with GB these days then. xD